317 it's raining cats and dogs...

Larry真准备跟李华一起出去吃饭,外面突然下起了瓢泼大雨。今天我们要学两个常用语:it's raining cats and dogs和I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

LH: Larry, 我好象从来没见过这么大的雨。

LL: I know, it's really raining cats and dogs.

LH: Cats and dogs? 什么猫啊狗啊的,明明是在下雨啊。

LL: No, it's raining cats and dogs out means that it is really pouring outside.

LH: 噢,原来说it's raining cats and dogs就是中文里说的瓢泼大雨。真奇怪,下雨跟cats and dogs有什么关系呢?

LL: You know, Li Hua, I have no idea.

LH: 既然能下猫下狗,能不能下狮子,下老虎呢?

LL: No, I'm pretty sure cats and dogs are it.

LH: 糟糕了,我把雨伞落在学校了。没有伞,怎么出门呢?有了!我可以头上顶着报纸,冲到车上去。

LL: Come on, Li Hua! The newspaper won't keep you dry, it's raining cats and dogs! Maybe we could share my umbrella and stay dry.

LH: 就你这把小伞,八成咱俩一出去就湿透了。

LL: It really is coming down out there. You'd better hang on to me, otherwise you'll be washed away.

LH: 没问题,我可是游泳健将。

LL: You know, I haven't seen it rain cats and dogs like this in a very long time.

LH: 还好我们现在是在家里,要是半路赶上下暴雨,那才倒霉呢!

LL: Yes, we'd be a couple of drowned rats.

LH: 落水的老鼠?I wouldn't want to be with cats and dogs if I were a rat. 我如果真是老鼠的话,一定不愿意跟这些猫啊狗啊的在一块儿。

LL: Never mind, we've had enough animal phrases today.When do you think the storm will start to let up?

LH: 既然是雷阵雨,那用不了多久可能就会停了。

LL: I sure hope it will let up soon, because I'm getting hungry!

LH: Larry, 看,雨小了。


LL: I'm glad it stopped raining, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

LH: Horse? 你当真要吃马肉?这里恐怕没有马肉!

LL: No. I don't mean that I actually want to eat a horse, I'm just so hungry I could eat one.

LH: 你刚才不是说,今天不再提动物的话题儿了吗?

LL: I couldn't help myself, just like I won't be able to help myself from gorging on food right now.

LH: 我明白了,I am so hungry I could eat a horse,意思是饿极了,能吃掉一匹马。Well me too. 咱们点些什么呢?

LL: How about we get two orders of the steamed dumplings, sweet and sour soup, eggplant, cashew chicken, green beans, some spicy squid....

LH: 等等等等,我们就两个人,吃得了这么多吗?

LL: I wasn't kidding when I said I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

LH: 你这种人,在中文里叫眼大肚子小。

LL: That's probably right, Li Hua. What do you say we order?

LH: 别急,我还没决定要点什么呢。肚子饿的时候,看什么都香。

LL: Yes, when you are hungry enough to eat a horse, it can be pretty difficult to decide what to eat.

LH: Larry, 你记不记得,上次我们登山回来,饿得不行,结果点了一桌子菜,结果连一半都没吃掉。

LL: I cannot believe you remember that. It was raining cats and dogs on our way down the mountain and both of us were drenched.

LH: 哈哈,怎么跟你在一起不是淋个精湿,就是饿肚子。

LL: Very funny, Li Hua. At least this time you are not wet AND hungry.

LH: 对了,Larry. 你那把小伞也该换换了吧!

LL: I know I do. The problem is I never remember to get one when it's nice out, and then when it starts raining cats and dogs, I need one, and I don't have it.

LH: 好了好了,服务员来了,我们赶快点菜吧!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是it's raining cats and dogs意思是瓢泼大雨。另一个是I am so hungry I could eat a horse意思是肚子饿极了,可以吃掉一匹马。