331 off the cuff...

李华正在帮Larry为面试做准备。今天我们要学两个常用语:shot in the arm和off the cuff.

LH: Larry, 明天早上求职面试,你现在心里是不是特别激动?

LL: Actually, I'm pretty nervous about this job interview. I really want to work at this company, so I need to make a good impression.

LH: 别紧张,你一定没问题。再说了,不录用你是他们的损失,象你这么出色的人才,想要你的公司多的是。

LL: Thanks Lihua. That encouragement is a real shot in the arm for me.

LH: A shot in the arm?

LL: You can say that something is a shot in the arm if it gives you a lot more confidence and energy.

LH: 哦,就是中文里说的强心针。你是说我刚才鼓励你的话大大地增强了你的信心吗?

LL: Right. For example, I could say that Joe was thinking of dropping out of his economics class because it was so hard. But when he got an A on the midterm, it was a real shot in the arm and he decided not to quit.

LH: 就是说,期中考试得了A,极大增强了Joe对自己修完经济学这门课程的信心。

LL: Exactly. You know, Lihua, my career hasn't been going well lately, but I think this job could give it a real shot in the arm.

LH: 你现在的工作确实没什么发展潜力,换个新工作一定会对你今后的事业发展有好处。对了,我还没问你,你明天准备面试的那家公司是做什么的?

LL: Well Lihua, it's a small company that sells Chia Pets.

LH: 什么?是一家卖草头娃娃的零售商?

LL: Yeah, but it hasn't been doing well lately. I hope that with my business experience and passion for Chia Pets, I could give this company a real shot in the arm.

LH: 你当真啊???嗨,不管怎么说,我支持你去追求自己的梦想。

LL: Thanks, Lihua. Did you know that Chia Pets cost about $15 each? If everybody went out and bought one, it would give the economy a real shot in the arm.

LH: 好,为支持你,只要你得到这份工作,我保证一定去买一个草头娃娃。


LH: 言归正传,Larry, 你有没有想好他们可能会问你哪些问题呢?

LL: Well, just a little. But it would probably be good to practice a little bit.

LH: 那好,我假装考官,我们来模拟一下怎么样?

LL: Sounds good! It's important for me to prepare beforehand, because I'm not good at speaking off the cuff.

LH: Speaking off the cuff? 这是什么意思啊?

LL: You can say that someone speaks off the cuff when he talks spontaneously without any preparation.

LH: 噢,就是在没有事先准备的情况下即兴发言。

LL: Right. For example, some politicians can speak very well when they have a speech prepared, but don't do well when they have to respond to questions off the cuff.

LH: 我明白了,你还记得上个周末我们一起去看电影,我穿了一件白色大衣,看上去圆滚滚的吗?你还说我象个大白兔奶糖。

LL: Oh come on Lihua, it was just an off-the-cuff remark! You know I didn't mean it.

LH: 我一点都没生气,反而觉得很好笑。Your off-the-cuff jokes are so funny. 对了,我以前听人说过 "off-hand," Off-hand跟off-the-cuff是同一个意思吗?

LL: It's very similar. An off-hand comment is something you didn't think about or consider very seriously before you said it.

LH: 忘记告诉你了Larry, 你带着这副厚厚的黑边眼镜活像一只眼镜猴。

LL: What? No I don't. I look very smart, like a scholar.

LH: 别生气啊,It was just an "off-hand" joke. 我是随便开玩笑的。

LL: Alright Lihua, I understand your point. I won't make any more off-hand jokes about your fashion sense. Now can we please get back to practicing for my interview?

LH: 那好,面试现在正式开始。 Larry, 你想加入我们公司来卖草头娃娃吗?

LL: Of course. I really love Chia Pets.

LH: 这我信,看你留的发型,就知道你是个草头娃娃的忠实爱好者。

LL: Another off-hand joke, Lihua?

LH: 哈哈哈.....对不起,你的发型跟草头娃娃实在是太象了。

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是shot in the arm, 意思是强心针。另一个是off the cuff, 或是off-hand, 意思是即兴的。