338 a far cry from...

李华和Larry开车去机场准备坐飞机去夏威夷渡假。今天我们要学两个常用语:a far cry和steer clear.

LH: Boy, Larry, 这次假期真是让我望眼欲穿。前段时间每时每刻都在忙,你好长时间没有带我出去玩了,你简直是失职...

LL: What do you mean? Last month we went to the movies. That was fun, wasn't it?

LH: 拜托,Larry, 带我去看变形金刚就能过关了吗?看两场电影,跟去夏威夷渡假相比,简直就是天壤之别。

LL: I guess you're right. Watching a movie is definitely a far cry from taking a vacation in Hawaii.

LH: A far cry? 这就要哭啊?我是在跟你开玩笑呢!

LL: Actually, Lihua, when you say that something is a far cry from something else, it means that those two things are totally different.

LH: 哦,我明白了,说一件事情是a far cry from另外一件事情,就是说二者大相径庭。这么说,你也承认,看电影远远比不上去夏威夷好玩喽?

LL: Exactly. But I have to say, I'm really excited for this vacation too. I've heard that Hawaii is really beautiful.

LH: 咱们攒钱去夏威夷是绝对正确的,虽说贵了点,可是物有所值,比随便找个小沙滩晒太阳强多了。

LL: I agree. The small and crowded beaches near my house are definitely a far cry from the huge, beautiful beaches in Hawaii.

LH: 那当然了,别忘了,光是从旧金山到夏威夷,就要坐六个小时的飞机呢!对了,你不会为了给我个惊喜,订的是头等舱吧?

LL: Are you kidding? I don't even have enough money to buy peanuts. I'm still a far cry from being able to afford first class tickets.

LH: 哎,经济舱也凑合了。哈,我知道,那你一定是把钱都花在了五星级的酒店上...

LL: Well ... the place we're staying might be a far cry from a luxury, five-star hotel.

LH: 不是五星的?那也没关系,四星我也将就了... 要不,最少也得是个三星吧?

LL: Don't worry, Lihua, we have a really nice tent to camp out on the beach!

LH:Larry, 你最好是在开玩笑,要我露宿沙滩,那我现在就买张机票回家去。

LL: Don't worry, I'm just kidding. We have a good hotel.

LH: 哈!我说说罢了,你还当真了。You are still a far cry from being a comedian. 你离喜剧演员的标准还差得远呢!



LH: 夏威夷,我来了!Larry, 我们直奔海滩怎么样?

LL: Yeah, Hawaii is going to be great! I can't wait to get to the beach and spend all day sleeping in the sand.

LH: Larry, 我警告你,来夏威夷可不是为了睡觉,我们每天的行程可都是排得满满的。

LL: Well, Lihua, I think the main purpose of vacation is to relax. Let's steer clear of all those tiring activities.

LH: Steer clear? 难道说夏威夷也堵车,所以开车一定要小心吗?

LL: Actually, to steer clear of something means you should avoid it. For example, whenever I travel, I steer clear of the food people sell on the street because I don't want to get sick.

LH: 没错,出门在外千万不能乱吃东西,否则食物中毒,整个假期就全泡汤了。对了,Larry, 我们的旅馆在市中心还是郊区?

LL: I always steer clear of the crowded and noisy cities when I go on vacation. Our hotel is in a very secluded and quiet area.

LH: Sounds great. 我们坐出租车去吗?

LL: We should probably steer clear of taxis during our vacation because they are so expensive. Let's take the bus.

LH: 可是Larry, 我带了四个大皮箱呢...

LL: Well Lihua, you know that I always try to steer clear of doing anything to upset you. We can take a cab this ONE time.

LH: 算你聪明,作为奖励,在我们的日程正式开始之前,我批准你在沙滩上睡一小觉,不过记住,只有十分钟。

LL: A ten minute nap? Well that's a far cry from a fair deal, but I guess I'll take it. What is the first activity we're doing?

LH: 冲浪!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是a far cry from something, 意思是大相径庭。另一个是steer clear, 意思是避免。