339 make light of something...

李华和Larry在夏威夷渡假。俩人今天去冲浪。今天我们要学两个常用语:make light of something和in over one's head.

LH: Larry, 我早就想学冲浪了,听说夏威夷是世界上最适合冲浪的地方。

LL: Really? I've also heard that the waters have big sharks. Are you sure you wouldn't rather build sand castles?

LH: 在海边用沙子堆城堡?哈,Larry, 你是不是害怕了?放心,鲨鱼看见咱俩,一定会选择我。

LL: I wouldn't make light of the situation, Lihua. There really are sharks!

LH: Make light of the situation? 那是什么意思啊?

LL: You can say that you make light of a situation when you joke about something that is actually very serious.

LH: 哦, to make light of 一件事情就是拿正经事当儿戏。那你是说海水里真的有鲨鱼,我不应该拿咱俩谁的肉更香开玩笑喽?

LL: Right! Now, Lihua, you're a good swimmer, right? The ocean is pretty strong here.

LH: 我以前上中学的时候还是游泳校队的呢。这点海浪难不倒我,Larry, 你怎么今天好象特别的婆婆妈妈。

LL: Well, I just wouldn't make light of the fact that the currents can be very dangerous.

LH: 看,这么多孩子在水里玩,如果你有什么事,他们一定会去救你的。

LL: Haha, very funny. You know, you can also say that you take something lightly when you don't treat it as seriously as you should.

LH: 哦,就是不把正经事当回事儿的意思。Larry, 我是来渡假的,不是来学英语的,咱们还是赶快下水吧!

LL: Wait! First we should put on some sunscreen. Getting a sun burn is really unhealthy, so we don't want to take that lightly.

LH: 对对对,被太阳晒脱皮可非同小可。

LL: Yeah, we shouldn't take skin cancer lightly, so I always try not to get a tan.

LH: 怎么样,现在可以让教练带我们下水了吧?

LL: Sure. You go in first and make sure the sharks aren't hungry. I'll follow once I know it's safe.

LH: 真够绅士的。



LH: Wow, Larry, 太过瘾了。我准备辞掉工作,留下来做职业冲浪运动员。

LL: Not me. I think half the water in the ocean went up my nose.

LH: 别灰心,只要坚持练习,一定会熟能生巧,到时候,别人看到你冲浪就会惊呼,WOW...

LL: I don't know, Lihua. I think I might be in over my head.

LH: 你说什么?In over your head? 你意思是站在深水里,水快要没过头了吗?

LL: Right! You can say that you are in over your head when you are facing a challenge that you aren't able to handle.

LH: 哦,我明白了,in over one's head意思是太难了,难以驾驭。你是说自己学不会冲浪吗?

LL: Right. For another example, in college, I once tried to take a physics class, but I soon realized I was in over my head because I'm really bad at math.

LH: 这我太能理解了,我数学也不好,所以物理课一直是我的弱项。你说Larry, 咱们明天到底干嘛?去爬山如何?

LL: You want to hike on one of the volcanoes?

LH: 当然了,如果能在上面宿营就更棒了。

LL: Well Lihua, neither of us is an experienced hiker. I don't want to go far out in the forest and realize we are in over our heads.

LH: 要不找个导游?对了,Larry, 我有个更好的主意。我们可以骑车环岛游!

LL: I don't know....I'm not in good shape, and that is a really long bike ride. I think I would be in over my head.

LH: 那你说,咱们干点什么才能不让你in over your head呢?

LL: Well you know, our hotel offers an all-day massage and spa treatment. I think I could handle that.

LH: 什么,你想一整天都待在旅馆里,休息按摩?那我们来夏威夷干嘛?我公寓旁边就有按摩院啊。

LL: Well, it's important to rest on vacation. I don't take relaxation lightly.

LH: 我有个折中方案,既好玩,又不会太累。

LL: Really? What's that?

LH: Sailing! 坐船出海去。

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是make light of, 意思是不认真,当儿戏。另一个是in over one's head, 意思是太难。