341 go overboard...

李华和Larry在夏威夷渡假,俩人出海钓鱼。今天我们要学两个常用语:off the hook和go overboard.

LH: Larry, 我总算明白你为什么这么喜欢钓鱼了,撒下诱饵,就歇着了。

LL: Yeah, isn't fishing great? You get to just sit out in the boat and relax all day.

LH: 那好,如果一条鱼都钓不到的话,你可得负责任。

LL: Believe me, Lihua. If we don't catch anything and have to eat pizza for dinner, I know you won't let me off the hook.

LH: Let you off the hook? 你是指鱼钩吗?

LL: Right! When you let someone off the hook, you forgive them for doing something wrong, or allow them to escape a difficult situation.

LH: 哦,off the hook就是不用承担责任。 To let someone off the hook意思就是放过某人,就好象是让鱼脱钩了一样。

LL: Exactly. Here is another example: Even though I didn't do my homework, my teacher let me off the hook because I was sick the day before.

LH: 就是说老师因为体谅到你是因为生病而没做作业,所以决定不追究你。

LL: Yeah. Or remember last year when I forgot your birthday? You still haven't let me off the hook for that.

LH: Larry, 你居然把我生日忘得一干二净,我当然要记你一辈子。对了,Larry, 我们的船什么时候还啊?

LL: We have it until 2 in the afternoon.

LH: 那可没剩多少时间了。我们稍微晚一点没关系吧?

LL: Actually, I don't think the rental company will let us off the hook. They said we have to pay an extra fee if we return the boat late.

LH: 这么说,我们就要抓紧时间了。也不知道这些鱼都跑到哪里去了!

LL: I don't know. The manager of our hotel said this is the best place for fishing. If he was wrong, I'm not going to let him off the hook.

LH: 就是啊,如果害我们白跑一趟的话... Wait! Larry, 好象有鱼咬钩了。

LL: Quick, Lihua, pull it in!



LH: Wow, Larry, 看来我天生就是钓鱼的材料. 你看第一次就战果累累。这就叫不鸣则已,一鸣惊人!

LL: Yeah Lihua, I'm really impressed! You must have a real talent for fishing.

LH: 你觉得,我是不是应该退掉回程的机票,索性留在夏威夷当渔民算了?否则我钓鱼的才华岂不是白白浪费了吗?

LL: Well, it's only one fish. I wouldn't go overboard.

LH: Go overboard? 你不会是叫我下到海水里去摸鱼吧?

LL: Actually Lihua, you can say that somebody goes overboard whenever they do or say something excessive.

LH: 哦,to go overboard就是采取过激行动的意思,你是劝我不要意气用事、钓到一条鱼就改行当渔民吗?

LL: Exactly. Here's another example. When I was looking for a hotel in Hawaii, I know I wanted to stay somewhere nice. But I didn't want to go overboard and rent a room for $500 per night.

LH: 对,500块钱一晚上的旅馆对我们来说确实太奢侈了。说正经的,Larry, 你估计这条鱼有多重?我猜得有100磅。

LL: It's a big fish, but I think 100 pounds is going a little overboard. It's probably 30 pounds.

LH: 反正是够大个儿的。我准备把鱼的头骨带回去做纪念。

LL: Lihua, I think that's going a little overboard. Why don't we just take a picture so that you can remember your catch?

LH: 一点也不好玩。要不,我们多照几张照片,寄给当地报社,看他们愿不愿意采访我们。

LL: Lihua, let's not go overboard. There are probably lots of other people who catch fish this big, so it isn't really a news story.

LH: 那我起码要寄给我爸妈。好了,咱们快回去吃鱼吧!

LL: But I haven't caught anything yet! Let's stay until I catch a fish too.

LH: 要不要我向你传授一下我的经验啊?第一堂课可以免费!

LL: Haha... Thanks Lihua, In return, I will teach you one more vocabulary word: beginner's luck!

今天李华学了两个常用。一个是off the hook, 意思是逃脱责任。另一个是go overboard, 意思是过份的,过激的。