344 set in stone...

李华和Larry要去健身房锻练身体。今天我们要学两个常用语:a slim chance和set in stone.

LH: Larry, 咱们好久没去健身房了,今天总算是行动起来了,怎么样,高兴吗?

L: I'm excited about getting in shape, but not about paying gym membership fees. Why can't we just run outside on the street?

LH: 这你就不懂了!健身房的会员费有一个好处,就是能迫使你坚持锻练。你想啊,你总不愿意白交钱吧!

L: Well I guess that is true. For most people, there is a slim chance they will continue to exercise without some kind of motivation.

LH: A slim chance? 这是什么意思?

L: When you don't think that something is likely to occur, you can say that there is only a slim chance of it happening.

LH: 哦,就是希望不大的意思。你是说,如果没有外力推动,大部分人都不大可能自觉地坚持锻练。

L: Right. For another example, I decided not to bring an umbrella today because there is only a slim chance it will rain.

LH: 意思是今天下雨的可能性不大,所以你没带伞。Larry, 等到了健身房,我打算先去跑步机上慢跑半个小时,希望锻练的人不多,没把跑步机都占了。

L: Most people don't go to the gym right now, so there's only a slim chance it will be crowded.

LH: 那倒是。对了,你说如果你想用的运动器材都被别人占了,健身房会不会退你一些钱?

L: No way! The gym is always trying to get more of your money, so there's a fat chance of that happening.

LH: 什么? 你说a fat chance? 这是不是和a slim chance相反,表示很有可能?

L: Actually, it's used the same way. It is a sarcastic way of saying that something is very unlikely.

LH: 哦,是在说反话啊,还是表示希望不大,不太可能。

L: Right. For example, my friend John is very unreliable. He said he would help me move this weekend, but there's a fat chance that he actually comes.

LH: 哦,John这个人说话不靠谱,所以他不太可能来帮你搬家。对了Larry, 你说健身房会不会给咱们免费提供健身教练啊?

L: Fat chance of that, Lihua. The gym charges you extra for everything!

LH: Larry, 你今天气儿怎么这么不顺! 希望咱们明天来锻练时你能高兴点儿!

L: Fat chance of that, Lihua. I'm sure my muscles will be so sore tomorrow I won't even be able to walk!


LH: Larry, 我要去找跑步机了,你打算干什么?举杠铃么?

L: Hmmm ... First I'm going to find a McDonalds. I need to eat something to get some energy for my workout!

LH: 吃麦当劳?Larry,你别开玩笑了!吃一堆垃圾食品,你不就白锻练了么?想有好身材就得控制饮食!

L: Sure, but there are some exceptions to that rule, right? It's not set in stone.

LH: Set in stone? 这是什么意思?

L: You can say that something is set in stone if it is impossible to change.

LH: 噢,就像中文里说的“板上钉钉”,表示绝对不变。你是说,虽然要保持身材通常得注意饮食,但这也不是绝对的,也有例外。

L: Right. Here's another example. I asked my boss if she could give me a raise, but she said that because the company wasn't doing well, my salary was set in stone for this year.

LH: 我明白了,你是说,因为公司效益不好,所以你的工资今年都不会变,涨工资没戏了。

L: Right. So Lihua, what do you think of this gym?

LH: 还可以吧,不过有些设备有点陈旧,有的员工态度也不太好。

L: Well if you don't like it, we can always change to another gym. Our decision to come here isn't set in stone.

LH: 我们先试试这家吧。对了,咱们的会员资格也可以升级吧?从普通会员变成高级会员?

L: Sure! The membership isn't set in stone. I'm sure you can upgrade it without much trouble.

LH: 太好了! Larry, 我们制定一个健身计划,每个礼拜一三五都来锻练,怎么样?

L: That sounds good, but it won't be set in stone. Sometimes I will have to miss a workout if I have to work late.

LH: Larry,你就别拿加班当借口了!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是a slim chance, 表示不太可能。另一个是set in stone, 意思是板上钉钉,绝不改变。