345 do the trick...

Larry陪李华去买电脑。今天我们要学两个常用语:do the trick和a grain of salt.

LH: Larry, 你觉得我应该买PC还是苹果?

LL: Well, I'm not a computer expert, but I think Macs are a lot more user friendly.

LH: 我也老听人说苹果机怎么怎么好,可是我从没用过苹果,而且PC价格也比较便宜。

LL: Well, they are both really good computers. I think either one would do the trick.

LH: Do the trick? Larry, 我买电脑是查资料,学论文用的,可不是为了玩游戏。

LL: Actually Lihua, when you say that something does the trick, that means that it will be successful, or good enough.

LH: 哦,do the trick就是足以达到预期效果的意思。你是说不论PC还是苹果,都够我用的了。

LL: Right! Here's another example. Joe doesn't need to live in a big house. Since he lives by himself, a small apartment will do the trick.

LH: 我明白。这句话意思是,Joe反正是一个人过,有个小公寓就够了,用不着住大房子。那 Larry, 你说我们去哪家店买电脑呢?

LL: Well we could go to a big computer store, but the Internet will do the trick too. You can order your computer online.

LH: 上网定购?不好,不好,要不,咱们上苹果专卖店去转转,我去玩玩苹果机,你也可以看看是不是买个iPhone.

LL: That's OK. I don't need a lot of fancy features on my phone. My simple old cell phone still does the trick.

LH: 老实说,你那手机再不换,就要变成古董了。你上星期不是说不好用了吗?

LL: Actually, just the battery broke. But I went to the store and got a new battery, which did the trick.

LH: 所以你就换了块电池准备接着用?我真服了你,省钱固然没错,可也不能太落伍呀!现在的新手机上什么功能都有,你就不想要?

LL: Who needs all this technology? When I want to be entertained, reading a book always does the trick.

LH: 对了,苹果公司新推出的iPad, 就有读电子书的功能,要不你买个iPad吧!

LL: As far as I'm concerned, Lihua, old-fashioned paper books still do the trick.



LH: 嗨Larry! 你觉得这台电脑怎么样?我需要的功能上面都有,价钱也还可以,只要2000块。

LL: Two thousand dollars? That sounds pretty expensive to me. Are you sure it's worth it to buy such an expensive computer?

LH: 当然值了,你没听刚才那个店员说么,这是他最喜欢的一款电脑,强力推荐。

LL: Well, the salesperson always wants you to buy the most expensive item, so I would take what he says with a grain of salt.

LH: A grain of salt? 加撮盐?你什么意思啊?

LL: When you slightly doubt something you are told, you can say that you take it with a grain of salt.

LH: 哦,with a grain of salt意思就是有所保留,半信半疑。你是说店员总想把贵的商品推销给顾客,所以他的话不能全信?

LL: Right. Here is another example. Emily always exaggerates about her talents, so when she told me she is fluent in Japanese, I took it with a grain of salt.

LH: 没错,Emily总喜欢夸大其词,所以她的话不能全信。

LL: So Lihua, what are the features that make this computer so good?

LH: 产品介绍上说,这款电脑的电池可以连续用15个小时,是市场上其他电脑的两倍。

LL: You know, companies often make exaggerated claims about their products, so I would take that with a grain of salt.

LH: 可是我朋友Tammy买的就是这个牌子的电脑,说特别好。

LL: But Lihua, Tammy only uses computer to check emails. I would take her opinion on computers with a grain of salt.

LH: 可你也不是高科技专家啊,就看你那只老古董的手机就知道了。

LL: That's true. I don't know much about technology, so I would take all my advice with a grain of salt.

LH: 别担心,你对手机、电脑这类高科技产品的建议,我总是反着听的,只要是你说不买的东西,买了一定没错。

LL: Haha... very funny....

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 do the trick, 意思是足以达到预期效果。另一个是 a grain of salt, 意思是有所保留。