347 long shot...

李华和Larry正在看世界杯足球赛。今天我们要学两个常用语:a long shot和to catch a break

LH: Larry, 世界杯终于开始了! 你觉得谁会得冠军?美国队有戏没有?

Larry: I don't think so, Lihua. The U.S. usually doesn't have one of the best teams.

LH: 哎,你怎么这么没信心? 美国队虽然不是夺冠热门,但也是有机会的啊!

L: Well I guess it's possible, but the U.S. is definitely a long shot.

LH: A long shot? 这是什么意思?

L: You can say that something is a long shot when it isn't very likely.

LH: 哦,a long shot就是可能性很低的事情。你觉得虽然从理论上说,美国对和其它所有球队一样,都有夺冠的机会,但真论起实力来,美国队拿冠军的可能性就很低了。

L: Right! Here's another example. Carolyn's dream has always been to move to Hollywood and become a famous movie star, but that's definitely a long shot.

LH: 没错,当电影明星可没那么容易。所以Larry, 你以前踢过足球么?

L: Sure, lots of Americans play soccer when they are kids. I dreamed of becoming a professional player, but I always knew that was a long shot.

LH: 你说得没错,咱们可不能给人生设置一堆不现实的目标! 话说回来,Larry, 你觉得到底谁能捧走今年的大力神杯呢?

L: Well, Brazil always has a really talented team. I'm sure that they have a good shot this year.

LH: a good shot? 这是不是和a long shot相反,表示“很有可能的事情”?

L: Exactly. For another example, I could say that my friend Edmund has been doing really well at his job lately, so he has a good shot at getting promotion soon.

LH: 真的?你觉得他很可能会升职?能升多高?会不会成为公司副总?

L: No, I don't think he will get that good of a promotion. Vice president is definitely a long shot.

LH: 原来如此。 Larry, 我们还是好好看球吧。对了,美国第一场和谁踢啊?

L: Our first game is against England, who are supposed to be very good.

LH: 英国可是强队! 美国队要踢赢英国队恐怕也是a long shot喽!

L: Well, we will have to watch and find out!


LH: Larry,这场比赛踢得真棒! 双方最后1比1平!

L: Yeah, this is a really close game. But you know, the U.S. is pretty lucky that they're not losing.

LH: 没错。 美国本来0比1落后,可是英国大门失误,让美国队逮着机会,攻进一球。

L: Yeah, the American team definitely caught a break with that goal.

LH: The US team caught a break? 这是什么意思?

L: When something lucky happens for you, you can say that you caught a break.

LH: 哦,to catch a break就是交了好运气,捡了便宜!英国守门员犯了个低级错误,给美国队送分,所以美国队真是幸运!

L: Right. For another example, I could say that my friend Carolyn has been having a hard time becoming an actress in Hollywood, and is waiting to catch a break.

LH: 我明白了,Carolyn想当明星,可一直红不起来,不过她没有放弃,还在等待交好运的那一天。

L: You got it. So Lihua, do you want to watch the USA game against Slovenia with me on Friday?

LH: Larry, 星期五我要上班啊! 我可不能专门请一整天假陪你看球。我老板会疯掉的!

L: Hmm ... good point. Well maybe we will catch a break and your boss will be sick that day.

LH: 咒我老板生病?你可够坏的。 对了,难道你真打算每天看世界杯么?你不用上班啦?

L: Well I was trying to figure out that problem too. But then I caught a break when it turned out my boss loves soccer, and brought a TV into our office.

LH: 你老板也是球迷,所以把电视搬进办公室,让大家一起看比赛?!哇,太让人羡慕了。那礼拜五美国对斯洛文尼亚那场比赛,你觉得美国会赢么?

L: Yeah the U.S. is a better team. But you never know, Slovenia might catch a break and win the match.

LH: 说得对,美国今天踢平英国不就是因为catch a break - 交了好运么?

L: Yeah, that's a pretty good result for the U.S., given that they were a long shot to win.

LH: 那就希望美国队的运气能一直好下去喽!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 a long shot, 表示可能性很低的事情。另一个是to catch a break, 意思是交了好运。