356 go all out...

Larry和李华一起过美国独立日。今天我们要学两个常用语:go all out和give someone some pointers.

LH: Larry, 看你这身打扮,红上衣,白短裤,篮袜子,再加上这顶美国国旗图案的帽子,你简直就是一面大星条旗!

L: Thanks, Lihua. You know that it's Independence Day, so I wanted to dress up for the occasion.

LH: 你还在脸上画了一面国旗?!这是不是有点过头了?

L: Well Lihua, I just love the Fourth of July, so I wanted to go all out.

LH: go out? 出去玩就出去玩吧,干嘛还要go ALL out? 这是什么意思?

L: When you go all out, you make the biggest effort possible.

LH: 哦,go all out就是全力以赴的意思。你是说,你特别喜欢7月4号独立日,所以一到这一天,你就要加劲儿地打扮!

L: Right! Here is another example. There is a really important project due for work this Friday, so everyone at the office is going all out this week.

LH: 哦,你们公司这星期五必须做完一个非常重要的项目,所以同事们这个礼拜都开足马力工作!对了,Larry, 今天晚上是不是能看到烟火表演啊?

L: Yeah, usually the fireworks are really good. Washington DC really goes all out for the fireworks show.

LH: 对,每年独立日,首都华盛顿都会倾尽全力办一场大型烟火表演!不过,Larry, 说实话,美国独立日的烟火真比不上北京奥运会开幕式的烟花。

L: Well that's true. China really went all out for the Olympics, so the fireworks display in Beijing was really amazing.

LH: 那Larry, 美国人在独立纪念日这一天,都喜欢做些什么呢?

L: Most people like to barbeque on Independence Day.

LH: 烧烤?我喜欢!我们今天也要去烧烤么?

L: Oh yeah, we're going all out. I bought so much delicious food that it's going to take us a week to finish it all!

LH: 太好了,咱们要甩开腮帮子大吃一顿!等等,咱们没有烧烤架啊!

L: No problem, I went to the store yesterday and got a fancy new grill.

LH: 你专门买了一个烧烤架?

L: Yeah, I went all out and bought the nicest grill they had.

LH: 你这次荷包大出血,买了最棒的烧烤架? 太好了!咱们现在就开始准备烤肉吧!

L: Sounds good!



LH: Larry, 这烟火挺漂亮的。不过,我总觉得自己去放花更过瘾!

L: I guess that's true, but it's dangerous.

LH: Larry, 你别怕,我可是放花的专家!明年咱们不来这里看了,自己在后院放!

L: Well alright. If you're really a fireworks expert, next year we can do them at home and you can give me some pointers.

LH: I can give you some pointers? 这是什么意思?

L: When you give someone some pointers, you give him or her small pieces of advice.

LH: 哦,give someone some pointers就是给人出些点子。你是说,明年咱们自己放花时,让我教教你。

L: Exactly! Here is another example. Eric really wanted to join the soccer team at school, so he found a coach to give him some pointers before the tryouts.

LH: Eric想加入学校足球队,所以在参加选拔之前,找了一个教练,指点指点他。 Larry, 我有点饿了。

L: Should we go to a restaurant?

LH: 不用了。你看,那边不是有个卖热狗的摊子么?咱们去买个热狗吧!

L: Let me give you a pointer, Lihua. Never eat street vendor food!

LH: 这倒是,街边的东西可能不干净。咱们还是坐地铁去个正经饭馆吃吧。

L: Here's another pointer for you, Lihua. The metro will be really crowded tonight, so it will actually be faster to walk to the restaurant.

LH: 对,今天这么多人来看烟火,地铁上肯定挤死了。

L: But Lihua, how can you possibly be hungry after we went all out on that barbeque just a few hours ago.

LH: Larry, I'm going to give you a quick pointer: 不要小看我的饭量!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是go all out表示全力以赴。另一是give someone some pointers, 意思是点拨,出点子。