363 learn your lesson...

Larry在家里和朋友们联网打游戏,李华则在书房里写作业,他们会用到两个常用语:epic fail和learn your lesson。


Larry: OK, guys. There are only two enemies left. Everybody stay calm! We almost have this round won.

LH: Larry,你在跟我说话么?

Larry: Oh wait, there's an enemy sneaking up behind Mike. Mike! Watch out! He's gonna kill you!! Noooooo!!!

LH: Larry!怎么啦?

Larry: Epic Fail. We almost won.

LH: Epic fail? 什么意思?

Larry: "Epic fail" means an unfortunate occurrence. People say that when something bad unexpectedly happens - especially in video games. In this case, we had almost beaten the other team, until someone sneaked up on my friend Mike at the last minute... it was such an epic fail.

LH: 哦,epic fail就是惨败。你是说,你和朋友们本来在游戏中要赢了,结果却遭到对方的突袭,结果惨败。 不过,你说话的声音太大了吧?我作业都写不下去了!

Larry: I'm sorry, Lihua. I just get so involved with these video games...

LH: (叹气) 算了,是我自己太紧张这篇论文了。要是明天交不上去,我就完了,it will be an epic fail!

Larry: Here, sit down. Let me show you one of my favorite websites. It's a collection of epic fails.

LH: 好吧,我也放松一下。

Larry: Look - here's a video of a guy trying to jump over a car on his bicycle. Look, there he goes...and at the last second, he misses the ramp and - (撞碎的声音) - he broke the car's window with his bike.

LH: 我的天!表演飞车最后却被车撞!还好这个人没有受重伤!

Larry: but I'm sure he's embarrassed after that epic fail.

LH:是啊,这么丢脸的失败,好窘啊! 为什么要干这么危险的事嘛!


Larry: You would be surprised how many people are willing to try dangerous things like that. Hopefully, after that epic fail, he learned his lesson.

LH: Learned his lesson?你是说,他撞了车还要去上学?

Larry: No, not quite. I don't mean lesson as in something a teacher tells you at school. That phrase can also mean something you learn in life after making a mistake.

LH: 我明白了,learn his lesson就是吸取教训的意思。嗯,这个人的确应该长点记性,以后别干这种事儿了。我就不会像他一样,明知道最后结果是个epic fail,大失败,何必还要做呢?

Larry: Oh really? I can remember an epic fail you had just last week.

LH: 不会吧?

Larry: Remember last Friday when it was really windy outside and you were carrying that briefcase full of papers?

LH: 呵呵,那倒是,我公文包没锁好,结果里面的论文全飞出来,被风刮得满地都是,我当时都快疯了!这算是个epic fail! 大失策!

Larry: And did you learn your lesson?

LH: 那当然! 我可是吸取教训了! 每次都会检查公文包锁好了没有。Larry, 你看! 网站上又有个视频,还是刚才那个飞车男! 这回他要骑车从房顶飞到游泳池里去!

Larry: Wow, looks like he didn't learn his lesson. I'm almost afraid to watch...

LH: 是啊! 哎呀! 游泳池旁边有堆树杈,他可别摔在那上面!(撞在树杈上的声音,水花飞溅的声音). 还是撞上了!

Larry: Yea. It was also an epic, epic fail. And look - this kid has 15 more videos!

LH: 啊?还有15个视频?I guess he'll never learn his lesson. 真是不长记性! 好了,我要回去写作业了!

Larry: Sounds good. I should get back into the game; my team is probably waiting for me. I'll try to be quieter this time.

LH: 没关系,我会戴着耳机,边听音乐边写。你不会吵到我的!

Larry: Smart idea. ...Hey, wait a minute. Where's my headphones? Lihua!

LH: Larry, 我把你的耳机拿走了,你就凑合一下,别用了。

Larry: No headphones? But then I won't be able to hear my teammates.

LH: 啊...不管,我先拿到的! 你就认倒霉吧! This is an epic fail for you, 你失算了, 哈哈!

Larry: An epic fail indeed.

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是epic fail,表示“惨败,非常失策”。另一个是learn your lesson, 意思是“吸取教训”。