373 turn a new leaf...

李华和Larry在讨论晚饭吃什么。他们会用到两个常用语:turn a new leaf和take baby steps.

Larry: I'm starving, Lihua! What should we eat for dinner today?

LH: 晚饭?只要不吃你的最爱 - 汉堡包和薯条 - 就行!

Larry: What are you talking about? I wasn't planning on eating fast food!

LH: 我才不信呢。不是汉堡包,那一定是炸鸡!

Larry: Nope. Lihua, I know I used to eat a lot of unhealthy fast food in the past, but now I've turned a new leaf - I'm never going to eat fast food again!

LH: You turned a leaf? 什么意思?

Larry: To turn a new leaf means to start over fresh - to totally get rid of bad habits and start over new again.

LH: 哦,to turn a new leaf,就是甩掉坏习惯,从头开始,

Larry: Right. Lately, my bad eating habits have been making me feel just awful. So, I decided to turn a new leaf and start eating only fresh, healthy foods - starting today.

LH: 你说,因为你一直吃垃圾食品,感觉身体状态很差,所以你要痛改前非,从今天开始吃健康食品!太好了, Larry!

Larry: Lihua, I have been gaining a little weight lately... But, that will all change now that I turned a new leaf and started living a healthy lifestyle!

LH: 哈,你要从头开始,过健康生活! Larry, 你真能做到么?

Larry: No problem, Lihua! When I make a decision, I stay with it!

LH: 是么?我昨天刚买了一大袋你最喜欢的薯片,既然你已经走上了健康生活之路。这些薯片,就由我替你消灭吧!

Larry: Ah? You mean, you bought some Lays Double - Cheese and Sour Cream Potato Chips?

LH: 对啊,就是你最喜欢吃的,双层奶酪加酸奶油口味! 好可惜啊,早知道你turned a new leaf, 我就不浪费钱了。

Larry: Well, wait a minute, Lihua. We can't just let your money go to waste. Maybe I can just eat a little bit now to hold me over until we have dinner...

LH: 什么?你想在吃饭前先来些薯片垫垫底?你刚才还说从今天起再也不吃垃圾食品了呢!

Larry: Oh, Lihua! But I can't just turn a whole new leaf all at once - that would be too difficult. Maybe I can just take baby steps towards my goal.

LH: 你是说,你不可能一下子把生活方式全改变,所以得take baby steps。我猜,这就是慢慢来,循序渐进,对么?

Larry: Yes! I could make slow progress towards my goal. You know, like taking small baby steps.

LH: 可你的“慢慢来”是指多慢?不会要10年吧!

Larry: Lihua, if I take baby steps, even though the whole process will take a lot more time, it will be a lot less difficult. It's like getting into a swimming pool. First, you have to put your foot in to see if the water is cold. Then, put both legs in. Then, slowly...

LH: 这也太慢了!直接跳进游泳池,多痛快!

Larry: I don't know how to swim!

LH: 行啦,Larry! 我看你不用慢慢来,拖拖拉拉地更难受!

Larry: With that bag of chips calling my name over there, I'm already in pain, Lihua! I gotta have some!

LH: 啊?Larry, 你的健康生活呢?这么快就放弃啦?


Larry: Give me that bag! I promise I'll only eat a little bit! I'm making baby steps towards my goal of eating healthy!

LH: 哼,给你给你!

Larry: Thank you very much! Man, I haven't had these in so long - hey, wait a minute. These are...dried banana chips?

LH: 没错,这些是干香蕉片! Larry, I've turned a new leaf in my live as well.

Larry: Huh? What leaf?

LH: 我以前总是纵容你,给你买垃圾食品,现在,我也要从新来过。我发誓:以后再也不给你买这些不健康的吃的了。咱们就一起努力吧!

今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是to turn a new leaf,意思是“从新开始,痛改前非”。另一个是take baby steps,意思是“慢慢来,循序渐进”。