003 Mascot

YC: Umm, 今天我们这里怎么来了一只chicken?

PW: I'm not a chicken, Yang Chen. I'm a rooster.

YC: Okay, so you are a rooster. 那你今天为什么装扮成一只公鸡呢?

PW: I've been asked to be the mascot at my friend's baseball game. His team is called the "Roosters."

YC: 这个棒球队也是,什么名字不好起,偏偏叫"Roosters."要是叫"Pandas",你不就可以扮成可爱的熊猫了吗?

P It's OK, A mascot can be any animal, person or even a clown.

YC: 小丑也可以作吉祥物。

P A Mascot M-A-S-C-O-T represents a team, brings the team luck and sometimes acts as a cheerleader for the team. So, since my friend's team is called the "Roosters" - the mascot is a big, colorful Rooster. That's me.

YC: 看来mascot还真是重要,既能代表这个球队,给球队加油, 还能给球队带来好运。可我还是想作一个可爱的mascot, not a rooster.

PW: But I really want to see you in the rooster costume, do you want to try it on?

Y: No way, not in a million years.


PW: Well, I'll be wearing this rooster costume the whole time.

Y: The whole time? 你一直都要穿着这身衣服?

P: Yeah, and I'll mostly run around the field doing crazy stunts. Stunts, s-T-U-N-T-S. Audiences really like it when the mascot acts totally crazy.

Y: Crazy stunts,那你都有什么疯狂的举动呢?

P: Like dancing and jumping.

Y: Patrick, You look pretty funny。我今天得去看你朋友的棒球队比赛。I can't wait to see you running around, doing crazy stunts in your rooster costume.

PW: Well, that's the point, Yang Chen. The point of being a mascot is to make the audience laugh and have fun and feel good about the team they are rooting for.

YC: 没错,mascot要是能逗观众乐,那就更愿意为这个球队加油打气了。


PW: You bet, Yang Chen. Especially under all of those stadium lights.

YC: 没错球场了灯光一照,那就更热了。Well, Patrick, 你要听我的话 - drink lots of water.

PW: Thanks, Mom. I will.

YC: Good boy. And good mascot.

PW: Oh please. Well, I'm off to the game.

YC: Wait. Let me take a picture of you in your funny rooster costume first.

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