004 Archery

Y: Hi, this is Yang Chen.

P: And I'm Patrick.

(Sound of arrow flying through the air and "plunking" into target)

Y: 今天我要学射箭archery。

P: Archery A-R-C-H-E-R-Y is the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows. It's also an Olympic sport. Say, Yang Chen, do you have your bow and arrows ready?

Y: Yes, I do, Patrick. Here is my bow, 我的弓; And here are my arrows, 我的箭。Patrick, 你看我这样拿着弓箭,象不象Robin Hood侠盗罗宾汉!

P: Wow, you look exactly like Robin Hood! Are you ready to take aim and shoot, Sir Robin?

Y: I sure am. 可是那个target目标好像太远了,能不能让我靠近点儿, Patrick.

P: The target in Olympic archery is 30 to 90 meters away. You are trying to shoot the arrow as close to the center of the target as possible.

Y: Target有10个圈儿, 中间是鲜黄色的。 I am aiming for the yellow rings, I guess.

P: And the good news is you have more than one chance, Yang Chen. You can shoot three arrows.

Y: 我可以射三支箭。

P: And you have 40 seconds to shoot each arrow.

Y: 射一支箭的时间是40秒。Okay, here is my first shot! (Sound of pulling back bow, shooting arrow)

P: Hmm, Uh, well, It was a good try, Yang Chen.

Try again, Yang Chen. Maybe this time you can hit the bull's eye.

Y: The "bull's eye"不是牛眼睛,是靶心的意思。 I'll try again, Patrick. Maybe I'll get lucky. 这次一定射中 bull's eye。

P: Okay, Yang Chen, you can do it! (Shooting sound again)

Y: Yea! I did it! I did it! I hit the Bull's eye! 正中靶心!

P: No, Yang Chen... you didn't even hit the target.

Y: Let me try again.

P: Oh, Yang Chen, I think you killed a bird.

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