009 Synchronized Swimming

Y: Hi, this is Yang Chen.

P: And I'm Patrick.

(Splashing, pool sounds)

P: Yang Chen, do you know why we are at the swimming pool?

Y: We are going to talk about swimming.

P: But we aren't just talking about swimming. We are going to be talking about the Olympic sport of synchronized swimming.

Y: Synchronized swimming? 花样游泳!!!Do we have to talk about it. Patrick?

P: Yes, we do. Synchronized S-Y-N-C-H-R-O-N-I-Z-E-D swimming, Yang Chen. You know, the sport that combines swimming, gymnastics and dance. Why do you ask?

Y: 我告诉你一个秘密,你可保证不能告诉别人。我特别不喜欢Synchronized swimming.  What a dumb sport!

P: How can you say that, Yang Chen? Those swimmers work really hard to get their routines in perfect unison. It is a very demanding sport, requiring strength and artistry.

Y: Strength力量,artistry 艺术,少拿这些大词儿吓唬我。 It's a dumb sport. It's dumb. I just don't get it.

P: Oh, come on, Yang Chen. It is like ballet in the water. In fact, the sport is sometimes called "water ballet". (Nutcracker music?)

Y: "Water Ballet" 水上芭蕾?噢,这下我明白我为什么不喜欢Synchronized swimming了,因为我不喜欢芭蕾!

P: Well, then I guess I am just going to have to show you how demanding a sport synchronized swimming is. Let's try to synchronize some of our moves.

Y: Do we have to, Patrick?

P: Yes, Yang Chen. We have to. Okay-- Raise your right hand in the air, then reach down and touch your left foot like I am doing, while lifting your right foot.

Y: So, I raise my right hand,抬起右手touch my left foot, 摸左脚,then lift my right foot. 抬起右脚。喂,喂Patrick, 你开什么玩笑。这太难了!I am losing my balance! Ooooh, noooo! (Splash!) Help!

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