020 Throw a curve ball

P: Hey Yang Chen why are you playing "Hail to the chief"? I thought we were a sports show - are we going political?

Y: Not really. You see, Patrick, the presidential election is in its final stretch - the home stretch - the final lap - just like in长跑、赛马,进入最后冲刺阶段。

P: Oh, I get it. You are going to talk about sports terms used in politics.

Y: Right. Aren't you smart.你好聪明啊。

P: Well, Thanks for the compliment. Somehow you don't sound very sincere.

Y: Whoa! No need to throw me a curve ball!.

P: That's a good one. In the presidential election, we often hear candidates say things that the other candidate doesn't know the right answer to. They throw curve balls at each other.

Y: Throw curve balls at each other.棒球里叫扔曲线球,对方不知道怎么接。政治竞选里扔曲线球能让对方措手不及。

P: Another good example is "to hit a home run." I heard a candidate's wife praising her husband, saying 'I hit a home run with him, meaning I found a perfect husband.'

Y I doubt it.

P: Never doubt love, Yang Chen.

Y: OK. OK. 每一个女孩子都希望有一天找到理想的丈夫。hit a home run.

P: Not everyone is so lucky.

I have another good example. At a rally, I heard a supporter of one candidate urging the candidate to "take off your gloves and go get him".

That's also related with sports, like in boxing.

Y:拳击里把手套拿掉以后会攻击对方,那一定打得更很。Like this.

p. Ouch. Yang Chen. You are so violent!

Y. Am I? We are out of time. The election is really like a sports event.

P: Very exciting.

Y: In the end only my candidate is going to win.

P How do you know?

Y Well, you have a problem? Let me take off my gloves.