022 Keeping fit

Y: Hey Patrick, you really look fit, masculine, strong.......

P: Well that goes without saying, Yang Chen. I'm just awesome.

Y: You know what? I think you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

P: You mean I look like a 60-year-old man? Thanks so much, Yang Chen.

Y: No, 我是说你像Arnold那么健美。Hey, seriously, what do you do to keep fit? Kungfu?

P: Well, actually I lift weights. 举重and do cardiovascular C-A-R-D-I-O-V-A-S-C-U-L-A-R exercises.

Y: Cardiovascular exercises都包括什么?

P: Cardiovascular - or just cardio - is exercise that helps burn calories by working the heart, such as running, biking, and hiking.

Y: I don't go to the gym every day like you do.

P: Why not?

Y: I can't afford the membership fees. 加入健身俱乐部要交很多年费。太贵了。But I do exercise.

P: How?

Y: Shopping. Patrick, 快看。Macy百货商店在大降价。跟我一起去吧。Let's go.

P OK, lets go to Macy's and so some cardio.