023 Rowing on the Potomac

Y: Hi, 我是Yang Chen.




P: Hey, Look over there! Aren't those girls members of the Potomac Boat Club?

Y: Let's go say hello to them.

Sarah: "Potomac boat Club is one of the best, kind of feeder programs onto the national team."

Y: 这是波多马克划艇俱乐部成员Sarah. Patrick,Sarah刚才说的feeder programs,你知道是什么意思吗?

P: Feeder program means.........

Y 没错,这个俱乐部已经送了10位选手进国家队了。

她们的教练是Matt Madigan: "Rowing is an expensive sport,. You have to travel. You have to have a car to transfer your boat. The equipment itself runs between 6000 and 12000 dollars for your own shell.."

Y: 他说划艇是一项expensive sport,原来那些设备都要自己买,国家不管啊?

P: They are basically on their own. Luckily for these rowers, a high-tech company called FortuisOne provides them a secure job, steady income and allow them to focus on their training.

Here is team member Ruth Stiver: "having found this job, I can manage both things and have both passions in my life."

Y: Ruth刚才说这份工作满足了both passions in her life. 看来每个人都要有两个passions。

P: 不见得。我只有一个,Crew! Rowing!

Y: Patrick, 咱们今天别回去上班了,继续划船好吗?

P: Lets keep on rowing. Yang Chen.