024 Tennis Scoring

(Tennis ball sounds)

Y: Hi 大家好。我是杨晨。

P: 我是Patrick.

P: Today, Yang Chen and I are playing a game of tennis.

Y: Patrick It's your serve!

P: OK, just a minute. To serve S-E-R-V-E is to put the tennis ball in play by throwing it up into the air and hitting it with a racquet.

Y: 别罗嗦,赶快发球罢。Just serve.

P: OK. (thwok, thwok) Good return, Yang Chen!

Y: Patrick, 你的球出界了。

(Thwok - funny sound)

Y: So it is my point.

P: Well, that means the score is "Love Fifteen". Love for me and fifteen for you.

Y: Love? L-O-V-E? 爱?这和爱有什么关系?

(Music - Tina Turner)

P: Love in tennis scoring means "Zero."

Y: 好浪漫哪。用love来代表零分, zero points, 可是我怎么会有15分呢?

P: Yes, tennis scoring is very complicated, isn't it? To win a game a player must win four points and two more points than his opponent.

Y: OK, OK.

P: So the first point is called "fifteen".

Y: 那这么说the second point is called "thirty"?

P: That's right. The second point is called "thirty," and the third point is called ...

Y: Forty-five?

P: No, it is called "forty."

Y: Why not forty-five?

P: It's just the tradition now, Yang Chen. The French started it.

Y: 那他们的数学一定不好。

Y: Okay, serve again, Patrick! (Thwok, Thwok).

P: Oh no, I missed the ball!

Y: "Love thirty"!

P: Well, I guess I am losing.

Y: But at least you still have love!!!