027 - Pumping iron

M: 236, 237, 238 Oh hi Yang Chen, I didn't know you were coming to the gym today.

Y: Hi, Mar. What are you doing?

M: I'm doing push ups. P-U-S-H, U-P-S.

Y: I know you are doing Pushups俯卧撑。 可是我听到你在数238 ,你真的做了238个俯卧撑?

M: Of course! What, you think I was just pretending to do all those pushups because I knew you were coming to the gym and wanted to impress you? Haha! Don't be ridiculous!

Y: Oh, let me guess, 你交了新的女朋友。You want to impress her. 让她对你有好感。

M: Well, I do have a hot date next week, so I've been PUMPING IRON at the gym. I'm sure if I have big enough muscles my date will automatically fall in love with me.


M: No, pumping iron just means working out at the gym.

Y: I like it, pumping iron at the gym. 我也需要常常到健身房 pump iron。

M: Do you want to impress somebody?

Y. No, 不过...

M What do you mean, 不过?

Y We women aren't only concerned with muscles.

M: That's true. Women also really care about my great haircut, my designer cologne...

Y: Designer cologne? 名牌香水,是在Walmart 买的吗?

M: I know you are making fun of me.

Y: Of course,, I'm making fun of you.

M: Just tell me what women are really concerned with.

Y: The inner qualities of a person, 内在美!

M: Oh, come on, Yang Chen, 内在美? Are you kidding me?

Y: Maybe...