034 biathlon

Y: Hey What's up, Patrick?

P: Well, Yang Chen, I'm watching the Winter Olympics on TV. Today they are having the biathlon competition.

Y: Biathlon是什么?

P: The biathlon is one part cross country skiing, one part shooting.

Y: That's a real sport?

P: Yep, its pretty entertaining too.

Y: 那比赛规则是什么?

P: Well they are timed, so whoever goes through the course the fastest and hits the most targets shooting wins.

Y: 噢,这叫冬季两项,就是越野滑雪和射击两项运动。

P: That's why its called the biathlon.

Y: It's such a strange sport.

P: Oh come on. Yang Chen, you can't say it's weird just because you are not good at it.

Well it's a tough sport too. But lucky for us, we're in here watching it on TV.

Y: Watching TV is your number one sport.

P:I'll have you know I am a very accomplished skier.

Y: Accomplished skier? 滑雪好手?

P: It's a shame there are no mountains in downtown Washington, or I'd show you a thing or two.

What about you, Yang Chen, do you ski?

Y: Oh no. Not me. 我怕冷。

P: [sarcastically] You mean your warm personality isn't enough to keep you from getting frostbite?

Y: Patrick,我知道你在讽刺我。 I just prefer to be warm, that's all. Let's leave the biathlon to other people.

P: Sounds good to me. Pull up a seat and watch me participate in my favorite sport.

P/Y: Watching TV!