give and take

咱们生活中常有这样的人:能力强,热心肠,点子多,可就是听不得别人说“不”。给这种人提意见,很难被采纳。因为他们不喜欢 - give and take.

大家一定都知道give是给的意思,take则是“拿”,give and take有给有拿,引伸为“有商有量”,妥协折衷。Those who don't appreciate give and take are not likely to listen to others. 那些不喜欢妥协折衷的人不太可能听取别人的意见。


It's natural for couples to argue once in a while. But whether those two people will have a long future together often depends on how well they work out their differences. Conflicts shouldn't always be about one person being right and the other wrong. There has to be a healthy give and take. Without that ability to negotiate, couples can't survive.

这段话是说: 夫妻间有时发生争吵是很正常的。但是两人是否能长久地一起生活下去通常取决于他们能不能调和彼此间的差异。在有冲突时,并不一定要分出谁对谁错。俩人之间必须有健康的商量妥协。如果俩人都不肯低头,那日子过不长久。


很多幸福夫妻都说,过日子的秘诀是宽容对方的缺点,而不是争辩是非对错。英文里有句话叫, my way or the highway! 意思就是“不按我说的做就拉倒!”,大有顺我者昌逆我者亡的意味。


Do you negotiate with others or do you feel that give and take is a sign of weakness? 你会和别人妥协么?还是觉得和别人商量就等于服软?其实,遇事和他人有商有量,达成大家都喜欢的结果,对一个团队是非常有益的。


Our labor union has few complaints with the managers of our factory. That's because everyone works pretty well together. Whenever there's a conflict, we sit down together and discuss the best way to deal with it. Each side is willing to let the other get some of what it wants. That give and take makes for a much better environment.



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