019B 婚礼: 中级课程

Professor: John and Carmen decided to have their wedding in a small church in Carmen's home town. Today, they are planning the details.


Professor: Let's listen.

Carmen: Gosh, John, I just love being back in my home town. It's the perfect place to get married.

John: Yeah, I guess it's pretty good. I can't wait for the wedding. It's going to be a great party!

Carmen: A party? John, this wedding is supposed to be a romantic event for you and me.

John: Yeah that's fine. But I'm also definitely going to party with the groomsmen at the wedding reception!

Professor Bowman, groomsmen是婚礼伴郎么?

Professor: That's right, Winnie. The groom's friends are called the groomsmen, and the bride's friends are called the bridesmaids.


Professor: The reception is the dinner after the wedding ceremony.

哦,reception就是喜宴! 怪不得John说,婚礼是个大派对,他等不及跟伴郎们在喜宴上大吃大喝呢!

Carmen: That's right, we have to plan the reception too. How many people do you think will come?

John: I don't know... but we have a pretty big wedding party, and I have a really big family.

Carmen: That's true! I don't think I will be able to remember the names of all my in-laws.

John: Don't worry. I often forget some of their names too!

这个John,三句话不离"party"! Carmen问他喜宴会有多少客人,可他只会说"We have a pretty big wedding party."

Professor: Actually, Winnie, in this case the wedding party is the people who are directly participating in the wedding.

哦,原来这个wedding party不是婚礼派对,而是“婚礼团”,也就是双方父母,伴郎伴娘等婚礼中的关键人物!

Professor: Yes. Carmen says John's family is so big that she won't remember the names of all her "in-laws".


Carmen: Say John, do you know who your best man is going to be?

John: No, I haven't decided yet. I'll probably choose whichever friend can give the best toast. What about your maid of honor?

Carmen: I haven't had time to decide because I've been so busy thinking about all the other planning. We haven't even talked about the rehearsal dinner yet!

John: Don't worry. The groom's family is supposed to plan the rehearsal dinner.

Professor: So Winnie, how is John going to pick his best man?

Best man就是主伴郎,或者叫男傧相。John说他会让那个give the best toast - 最会致祝酒词的朋友当他的best man.

Professor: Right. And what about Carmen? Has she picked her maid of honor?

Maid of honor就是主伴娘,女傧相,Carmen忙着筹备婚礼,还没想好让谁当maid of honor. 对了,professor Bowman, 什么是rehearsal dinner?

Professor: The day before the wedding, everyone in the wedding party practices what they have to do. Afterward they all have dinner together at the rehearsal dinner.

哦,我明白了。婚礼前,婚礼团的人会把所有仪式彩排一遍,然后一起吃饭,这顿饭就叫"rehearsal dinner".

Professor: Yes, that is the tradition.

John: I know, let's just get a wedding planner to do all the work for us.

Carmen: A wedding planner? No way! I don't want a stranger planning our wedding.

John: Well if you don't want to get a wedding planner, my mother said she would be happy to help you plan the wedding.

Carmen: Your mother? You know, John, maybe a wedding planner isn't such a bad idea after all.

哈,看来Carmen不想让未来的婆婆策划自己的婚礼,所以她宁可请一位wedding planner - 婚礼策划师来出谋划策。

Professor: You know, Winnie, I have to agree that even though a wedding planner is a stranger, having your mother-in-law planning your wedding could be a lot worse....