173 Taking out a load 3

三角洲通讯公司老板John Smith到银行申请贷款,接待他的是银行负责人Ted Johnson。史密斯想申请个人贷款,用来修建公司的新仓库。Ted Johnson说,除了需要物品抵押外,还有一个要求。

T: I know this can be a problem, but we generally require at lease one guarantor.

J: Hummm....what kind of person would be best, a relative or a business associate?

T: Either one is OK, but most people pick a relative because it's usually a little easier.

J: Ok...I'm sure my brother won't mind helping me out.

Ted说,一般情况下,银行还要求至少要有一个贷款担保人,guarantor, g-u-a-r-a-n-t-o-r guarantor,是担保人的意思,可以是a relative,亲属,也可以是a business associate,生意上的伙伴。John想了想了说,I'm sure my brother won't mind helping me out,我哥哥一定不介意帮我。mind doing something,是介意做某事的意思;to help someone out,指帮某人的忙。

T: Good. So finally we need to discuss the terms of the loan.

J: What kind of interest do you charge?

T: It depends on how long you take the loan out for. If you plan to pay it back within two years, the interest rate is six percent. A four-year deal works out to seven and a half percent.

贷款申请符合要求后,就该具体谈谈贷款的条款了,the terms of the loan. John想知道,what kind of interest do you charge? 贷款利率多少。Ted回答说,贷款利率高低取决于贷款时间的长短。如果是两年还清,利率只要百分之六,如果是四年还清,则要百分之七点五。

J: I think two years should be fine. But six percent is a bit high. Is there any way to get a better rate?

T: Well, you've been a customer here for over a decade. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to get it down to five percent. How's that sound?

J: Five percent works for me. Ted, I can't thank you enough for your help.

T: Don't mention it! See you Friday.

John说,贷款两年就应该可以还清,这一点没有问题,但是他嫌百分之六的利率太高。John是银行的老客户,使用这家银行的服务有十几年了,Ted表示,对老客户可以关照,I can't make any promises, 虽然不能保证做到,但是他会试试看把利率从百分之六降低到百分之五。John听了很高兴,说 Five percent works for me,百分之五我可以接受,并对 Ted 表示感谢,贷款就这样谈成了。