Melania Trump will become the first foreign-born wife of an American president in almost 200 years.
    梅拉尼亚·川普(Melania Trump)将成为美国近200年来首位出生在外国的美国总统夫人。

    On January 20, her husband, Donald Trump, will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.
    1月20日,她的丈夫唐纳德·川普(Donald Trump)将成为美国第45任总统。

    Most Americans do not know much about 46-year-old Melania Trump.

    She was born in the former Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. It is a small country surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. It has a small coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia also has castles that are hundreds of years old, large forests and clear rivers.

    VOA recently traveled to the country to learn about Melania Trump's life before she came to the United States.

    Jakob Susteric operates a medical company in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. He knows his country is not well-known. But he believes Melania Trump will change that.
    雅各布·萨斯特里克(Jakob Susteric)在斯洛文尼亚首都卢布尔雅那经营一家医疗公司。他知道自己的国家并不出名。但他认为,梅拉尼亚会改变这点。

    "Slovenia. What is Slovenia? Is that a food? Is that a car? Nobody knows it's a country. Nobody knows it's a nation, and nobody knows that Melania is from Slovenia. So this is a big opportunity that our two million-nation basically gets its place in Europe, in the world."

    Susteric says having a Slovenian in the White House says good things about the United States.

    "It expresses the message that America is sending from past years which is that America is a land of opportunities, so anybody that lives (in) and comes to America can achieve great things."

    Stane Jerko is a photographer. He says he was one of the first people to see Melania Trump's talent at a fashion show in Melania Trump's hometown of Sevnica in 1987. Jerko says she was a quiet 17-year-old.
    斯塔内·耶尔克(Stane Jerko)是一名摄影师。他说,1987年他在梅拉尼亚家乡塞夫尼察的一场时装秀上发现了梅拉尼亚的天赋。耶尔克说她当时还只是一名文静的17岁女孩。

    He said she was notable for her beauty and her energy.

    Melania Trump was born April 26, 1970.

    She has said that when she is first lady she will work to fight cyber bullying. Petra Sedej, a friend and high school classmate, says Trump dealt with the difficult behavior that can be common with girls in high school.
    梅拉尼亚说过,当自己成为第一夫人后要致力于打击网络霸凌。皮特拉·塞德吉(Petra Sedej)是梅拉尼亚的高中同学及好友。她说,梅拉尼亚正确处理了高中女生通常都会遇到的乖张行为。

    "Because she was beautiful, she was a model, a lot of girls talked about this and they were also jealous. But she didn't react to this and I think this is something strong inside of her, because she knew that she was good. And if you know that you are good, you don't need to prove this with words."

    Sedej says Communism and Yugoslavia were collapsing in Slovenia when she and Trump were in school together. She says they wondered how that would affect their future.

    "We talked about studying, about how to see the world, and she, like a model, she knew that Slovenia was too small for her."

    Melania Trump left Sevnica when she was still a teenager and went to live with her sister in the city of Ljubljana. She began working as a model there. Later, she traveled to Milan, Italy and Paris, France.

    Then she went to New York where she met Donald Trump at a fashion event in 1999. They dated for about a year. They restarted their relationship a few years later.

    In April, 2004, Donald Trump asked Melania to marry him.

    Melania was first named Melanija Knavs. She then changed her name to Melania Knauss. She became Melania Trump when she married Donald Trump in Florida on January 22, 2005.
    梅拉尼亚最初得名为Melanija Knavs,然后她改名为Melania Knauss。2005年1月22日,她在佛罗里达州同川普结婚,成为了梅拉尼亚·特朗普(婚后冠夫姓)。

    He was 58 years old. She was 30. It was her first marriage and his third. There were 500 guests at the wedding, including Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles of Britain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali.

    Donald and Melania Trump have one child: a son named Barron William Trump. He was born in 2006.
    川普和梅拉尼亚在2006年生下了一个儿子,取名为巴龙·威廉·特朗普(Barron William Trump)。

    In Sevnica, friends of Melania Trump's family say her father Viktor Knavs was a lot like Donald Trump.
    在塞夫尼察,梅拉尼亚的朋友们说她的父亲维克多·科纳夫斯(Viktor Knavs)和川普很像。

    Zdravko Mastnak says Knavs was ambitious and a good businessman. He says he always looked for a way to improve his life beyond the money he could earn selling cars at a state-owned company.
    兹德拉科夫·马斯特纳克(Zdravko Mastnak)表示,科纳夫斯是一位雄心勃勃的、能干的商人。他说,科纳夫斯在一家国营企业销售汽车,他总是在此之外想办法赚钱改善自己的生活。

    Only about 5,000 people live in Sevnica, which was affected by World War II. After the war, many mass graves were found there.

    When communists took control of Sevnica after the war, it became a center of furniture manufacturing.

    In the town, graffiti-covered trains speed past large apartment buildings built when the Communist Party ruled Yugoslavia. Some large buildings, like Communism, have collapsed. It is easy to understand why someone would want to leave the town although some parts of it are beautiful.

    Nusa Vidmar owns a cake shop in Sevnica near the apartment building where Melania Trump grew up.
    努萨·维德玛尔(Nusa Vidmar)在塞夫尼察拥有一家蛋糕店,这里离梅拉尼亚长大的公寓大楼不远。

    "We were very proud of Melania's success. She used to be one of us and we are really happy for her, so everything what we do is making cakes, so we create simple but luxury cake that was, we wanted to have a beautiful cake like she is."

    Zdravko Mastnak is a family friend who makes wine. He says he hopes Melania Trump and her husband will visit Sevnica.
    兹德拉夫科·马斯特纳克(Zdravko Mastnak)是梅拉尼亚的一位家族好友,他从事酿酒。他说希望梅拉尼亚及其丈夫能够访问塞夫尼察。

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