The United States is full of odd roadside attractions. Route 66 is home to some of the oldest – and arguably most bizarre – roadside attractions of them all. Here are 10 attractions you should see along the Mother Road:

    1. Paul Bunyan and a Hot Dog
    1. 保罗·班扬和热狗

    Route 66 travelers pass by many fiberglass giants right along the road. These giants were a popular form of advertising in the 1960s. Many of them stood in front of service stations. They held car parts, such as mufflers. The collection of Route 66 giants became known as "Muffler Men." Businesses hoped the strange statues would get travelers' attention.

    The first fiberglass giant was a "Paul Bunyan" figure, built in the early 1960s. Paul Bunyan is a famous lumberjack in American folklore.

    It originally advertised the Paul Bunyan Cafe on Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. There, the Paul Bunyan statue held an axe.

    But in 1965, a man in Illinois bought the statue and brought it to his state. He used the giant Paul Bunyan to advertise his restaurant in Cicero, Illinois. He also replaced the axe with something very different: a hot dog.

    The statue was moved again in the early 2000s, this time to Atlanta, Illinois. Paul Bunyan still stands there today, nearly six meters tall, with one giant hot dog in hand.

    2. Crown Candy Kitchen and Jamaica Ray
    2. 皇冠糖果厨房和牙买加·雷

    Crown Candy Kitchen has been serving Route 66 travelers from the very beginning. It is just a few short blocks from the 66 path through St. Louis, Missouri. The family-run soda fountain shop opened more than 100 years ago, and has been making candies, malts, and meals ever since.

    On weekends, people sometimes wait in line for a table at Crown Candy for over an hour. Luckily there is free entertainment right outside. Jamaica Ray, a local folk artist, creates unusual sculptures.
    在周末,人们有时要排队一个多小时才能等到位。幸运的是外面有免费的娱乐表演。当地的民间艺人牙买加·雷(Jamaica Ray)在创作非比寻常的雕塑。

    Jamaica Ray was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but was raised in Jamaica. When he returned to his birth city a few years ago, he brought with him a unique style of art. Jamaica Ray creates very life-like sculptures out of cloth, plastic and other materials he finds. And he plays music for customers on his homemade steel drums.

    3. The World's Largest Rocking Chair
    3. 全球最大的摇椅

    Fanning, Missouri, is home to one of the strangest Route 66 attractions. Just off the road sits an almost 13-meter-tall rocking chair.

    The structure was completed in 2008 on the first of April, or April Fools Day. The same year, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded it the title of "World's Largest Rocking Chair."

    At one time the chair actually rocked. But officials decided it had to be permanently still to be safe. People are not permitted to climb the chair. We suspect, however, that it probably happens once in a while when no one is watching.

    4. Big Texan's Steak Challenge
    4. 德州牛排大牧场的牛排挑战

    Few places better represent the common expression "Everything's Bigger in Texas" than the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Since 1960, it has appealed to travelers with big appetites -- and a big love of beef.

    It is hard to miss the huge yellow restaurant -- or the giant cow statue that sits out front. The cow advertises Big Texan's special deal, and what has made this steak ranch famous: a "free" 72-oz -- or 2 kilogram -- steak. There is one trick: the steak is only free if you can eat the entire thing in one hour.

    A special table is in the middle of the restaurant for the daring diners who accept the challenge. Since 1990, more than 9,000 diners have eaten the entire 2-kilogram steak.

    5. Cadillac Ranch - A Colorful Burial Ground for Cars
    5. 凯迪拉克庄园 -- 一处缤纷多彩的汽车墓地

    Of all the strange attractions along the Mother Road the best known is in Amarillo, Texas: Cadillac Ranch

    There, ten Cadillac cars are partly buried, front first, in the hard, flat earth. Their back ends, several with iconic tail fins, point toward the big Texas sky.

    A group of artists called Ant Farm created the installation in 1974. It is on private land but the owner has always left the area open for visitors. The installation is meant to represent the golden age of cars.

    Huge numbers of tourists visit Cadillac Ranch every day. Many bring along cans of spray paint. Visitors are encouraged to leave their marks on the colorful cars.

    6. Beautiful Blue Swallow
    6. 美丽的蓝燕汽车旅馆

    Some of the most treasured attractions on Route 66 are motels. Bright neon motel signs transport the traveler back in time. These motor court-style motels became popular as the automobile rose to importance in the U.S. The small, independent motels remain a symbol of the American road trip.

    Along Route 66 today, the majestic Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico, stands out. The Blue Swallow opened in 1940. It has been renovated and modernized. But it still has many of motel's classic and original features. A vintage car still sits out front.

    Blue Swallow's sign, though, is what makes it so special. The photogenic neon sign features a swallow -- a type of bird -- with a leaf in its beak. The bird's lights blink on and off.

    Route 66 travelers today can still stay the night in one of Blue Swallow's 12 rooms. It remains one of the most famous motels along the route.

    7. What is a Wigwam?
    7. 什么是棚屋旅馆

    Some of Route 66's motels are just kooky. The Wigwam Village in Holbrooke, Arizona, is an example. Wigwam villages are motels built in America beginning in the 1930s. They were designed to look like traditional Native American homes. Each room is actually a separate building, tall and cone-shaped.

    However, that kind of Native home is actually called a tipi. Native wigwams are short and round like a dome.

    The builders may have gotten the name wrong, but visitors loved the motels anyway. And the Wigwams remain a popular Route 66 attraction.

    8. Take It Easy on One Famous Corner!
    8. 在一个著名的角落放松

    Winslow, Arizona, is home to a relatively new attraction along Route 66. It honors a popular old song. The American group the Eagles released "Take it Easy," in 1972. It goes: "I'm standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona / and such a fine sight to see."
    亚利桑那州温斯洛市有着66号公路一处相对较新的景点。它是纪念一首热门老歌。美国老鹰乐队在1972年发布了Take it Easy这首歌。歌词写道,“我站在亚利桑那州温斯洛市的一个角落,看到了一幅美景。”

    In 1999, Winslow officials opened a small public park that honors the song that made the town famous. A statue of a man holding a guitar was put up on the corner of 2nd and Kinsey streets. A large painting on a brick wall behind the statue also depicts a line of the song with the words Winslow Arizona painted above.
    1999年,温斯洛官员开放了一处小公园来纪念这首让该镇闻名的歌曲。一座手里拿着吉它的男子的雕像被放置在第二街和金西街的一角。雕像背后墙上的一处大型涂漆还刻着这首歌的一句歌词,其中就有Winslow Arizona这几个单词。

    9. Flagstaff's Lively Museum Club
    9. 弗拉格斯塔夫热闹的博物馆俱乐部

    The Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a honky tonk right along Route 66. If you are wondering what a honky-tonk is, we will get to that later. First we will tell you about the business' original purpose. It opened in the 1930s. The owner, Dean Eldredge, built it to be the biggest log cabin in the world.
    亚利桑那州弗拉格斯塔夫的博物馆俱乐部是66号公路沿线一处低级酒吧。如果你想知道低级酒吧是什么,我们一会会谈到。首先我们将告诉你该企业的初衷。它于上世纪30年代开业。业主迪恩·埃尔德雷奇(Dean Eldredge)把它建成为世界上最大的小木屋。

    Mr. Eldredge was in the taxidermy business. He placed the animals he stuffed along the walls and beams of the business, and called it a museum.

    Later, the museum became a place to gather and drink. It also became a popular spot for travelers along Route 66. The business added country-western music and dancing. Over the years, the club got wilder and rougher.

    "Bar brawls" were not uncommon. That is how the Museum Club earned its title as a honky-tonk. A honky-tonk is a bar that features country-music, low-cost drinks and wild behavior.

    Today, the Museum Club again is respectable, but still lively. And the heads of animals still hang in the club.

    10. Hollywood in the Desert: El Trovatore
    10. 沙漠中的好莱坞:El Trovatore汽车旅馆

    The El Trovatore Motel in Kingman, Arizona, opened in the late 1930s. It was once the one of the most modern and expensive motels along Arizona's stretch of Route 66. It was the state's first air-conditioned motel.
    亚利桑那州金曼市的El Trovatore汽车旅馆于上世纪30年代末开业。它曾经是66号公路亚利桑那州沿线最为先进和昂贵的汽车旅馆。它是该州第一家空调汽车旅馆。

    The area around Kingman was once a popular place to film western movies. So, Hollywood actors stayed in the area during filming.

    El Trovatore's past guests include Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and James Dean.
    El Trovatore汽车旅馆接待过的客人包括玛丽莲·梦露,克拉克·盖博和詹姆斯·迪恩在内的好莱坞偶像。

    And El Trovatore's connection to Hollywood still remains strong today. Many of the motel rooms celebrate a different Hollywood celebrity. Guests can choose to stay in a Marilyn Monroe room, an Elvis Presley room, or a John Wayne room.
    今天El Trovatore汽车旅馆同好莱坞的联系仍然非常紧密。该汽车旅馆的许多房间致敬不同的好莱坞名人。客人们可以选择住在玛丽莲·梦露房间,猫王房间或者约翰·韦恩房间。

    Another famous El Trovatore attraction? It is now home to the world's longest Route 66 map.
    El Trovatore汽车旅馆另一大著名的吸引力所在?目前它拥有全球最长的66号公路地图。

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