Movie Strings Together Three Guitar Greats

1.feature v. 以…为特色;扮演重要角色

例句:The newspaper featured the story of the event.

2.avoid vt. 避免,躲避,回避

例句:I must weigh my words to avoid any misunderstanding.

3.fraternity n. 友爱,互助会,兄弟会

例句:The mob declared for Liberty, Fraternity and Equality.

4.intramural a. 校内的,内部的

例句:Most of the students participated actively in the college's intramural sports program.

5.underage a. 未成年的;未达成年的

例句:The period during which one is legally underage.

6.release v. 释放,解放,放松,豁免,免除,发表

例句:The actor's new film will be released next month.

1.But one activity that legally is only supposed to be for people age twenty-one and over is drinking alcohol.

be supposed to被认为,据说,应该

例句:It was widely supposed to have been lost during the war.

2.He is one of the most influential guitarists and songwriters in rock and roll history.



  What’s the best time to go there? 什么时候到那儿去最好?

  Express mail is the fastest way to send a letter. 快递是寄信的最快办法。

  It’s the latest fashion from Paris. 这是巴黎来的最新式样。

  The oldest is only nine. 最大的才九岁。

  The highest mountain in Japan is Fuji. 日本最高的山是富士山。

  In Western Europe Germany has the most people. 在西欧德国人口最多。


  It is the largest island in Europe. 它是欧洲最大的岛。

  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. 昨天是今年最热的一天。

  The Yangtze is the biggest river in our country. 长江是我国最大的河流。

  It was the cheapest hotel we could find. 这是我们能找到的最便宜的旅馆。

  This was the best beer (that) I have ever drunk. 这是我喝过的最好的啤酒。

  It was the worst film we had ever seen. 这是我们看过的最糟的电影。


  Its second largest city is Osaka. 它的第二大城市是大阪。

  The third largest city is Los Angeles. 第三大城市是洛杉矶。

  She was by far the most active member in our group. 她是我们小组最积极的成员。


  It’s a most touching story. 这是一个非常动人的故事。

  It was most stupid to act like that. 这样做是非常愚蠢的。


  She is ten years old at most. 她至多十岁。

  We’ll do our best. 我们将尽力而为。