苹果发布重回经典的iPhone SE及缩小版iPad Pro

    The technology company Apple announced a new, smaller sized iPhone on Monday at a press event in Cupertino, California.

    iPhone SE

    Apple head Tim Cook said customers had asked that the company continue making four-inch products. He said the new iPhone SE, satisfies that demand. It is the same size as the iPhone 5 and 5s. But, the SE includes the better hardware of the most recent iPhone, the 6s.
    苹果公司负责人库克表示,消费者要求该公司继续生产4英寸的产品。他说这款新的iPhone SE即满足这一要求。它和iPhone 5 以及5s同尺寸。但是这款SE包含了最新一款iPhone,也就是6s所采用的更好的硬件。

    And, Apple is offering the iPhone SE for a lower price. An iPhone SE with 16 GB of storage will cost around $400. One with 64 GB will be about $100 more.
    此外,苹果为iPhone SE 提供了更低的价格。一台16GB内存的iPhone SE将花费400美元左右,64GB内存大概贵100美元。

    The iPhone SE shares the same design and materials as the 5 and 5s. However, the new model adds a color choice: rose gold.
    这款iPhone SE拥有同5以及5s相同的设计和材质。然而,这一新型号增加了一种可选颜色:玫瑰金。

    iPad Pro

    Last fall Apple introduced the iPad Pro, its largest iPad ever. At 12.9 inches, or 32.766 cm, the iPad Pro screen is as big as that of some laptop computers.
    去年秋天苹果公司推出了iPad Pro,这是该公司有史以来最大的iPad。iPad Pro拥有12.9英寸(32.766厘米)的屏幕,屏幕尺寸跟一些笔记本电脑一样大。

    At the event on Monday, Apple announced a smaller version of the iPad Pro, with a screen measuring 9.7 inches, or 24.638 cm. That is the size of the original iPad screen.
    在周一的发布会上,苹果公司发布了缩小版的iPad Pro,屏幕尺寸为9.7英寸(24.638厘米)。这是iPad屏幕的原始尺寸。

    The iPad Pro is designed for possible use as a laptop computer. The device has powerful hardware and storage capacity up to 256 GB. This iPad Pro works with Apple's stylus, called the Pencil. It also works with the so-called Smart Keyboard, which also serves as a cover.
    iPad Pro是为了可能用作笔记本电脑而设计的。该设备拥有强大的硬件和高达256GB的存储容量。这款iPad Pro兼容苹果公司的触控笔,还支持所谓的智能键盘,该键盘同时还用作外壳。

    The screen of the iPad Pro has been improved to make it easier to read in bright light, such as sunlight. The cameras are also more powerful, both front and back, to take better photos.
    这款iPad Pro的屏幕进行了升级,使其更便于在阳光之类的明亮光线下阅读。摄像头也更加强大,前后摄像头都能拍摄更好的照片。

    The iPad Pro will cost between $579 and a little over $1000.
    这款iPad Pro售价在579美元到1000美元出头之间。

    iOS 9.3

    iOS, the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, received an update this week to version 9.3. New features include the ability to protect Notes using a password or your fingerprint.

    Apple also introduced Night Shift, a mode that changes the brightness of the screen based on the time of day and location of the device. Night Shift reduces the amount of blue light that the screen displays at night, as blue light has been shown to interfere with sleep.

    Apple Watch News

    Apple is making getting an Apple Watch a bit easier by cutting the price. The price of the least expensive Watch has been reduced by about $50 to $299.
    苹果通过降价让购买一台 Apple Watch稍微容易。最便宜的Apple Watch的价格已经被降低50美元,到299美元。

    Apple TV

    The latest model of Apple TV also got an update. Now, it includes folders to organize apps, such as entertainment, games and news. And, Apple's voice assistant Siri can search for a movie or enter passwords.
    最新款的Apple TV也有了更新。现在,它支持文件夹,可以管理娱乐、游戏和新闻等应用程序。此外,苹果的语言助手Siri可以搜索电影或输入密码。

    The Environment

    The company also reported on its sustainability efforts to use 100% renewable energy at all of its facilities. Currently, Apple says it uses renewable energy at 93% of its facilities.

    Other Apple News

    There was a major twist in the fight between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI had sought legal action to force Apple to help unlock an iPhone. Investigators were seeking information connected to the deadly terror attack in San Bernardino late last year.

    This week, the FBI told a court investigators might not need Apple's help anymore. The agency said it thinks it has found another way to access the phone.

    I'm Mario Ritter.