057 Etiquette at the Theatre


(Office ambience)

C:Amy, 今天晚上的表演你去吗?

A:Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Our new boss, Mr. Brown, is being kind to take us all to celebrate the success on our last project. Are you going?


A:The first thing you should know is to be on time. Mr. Brown is picking up our tickets and will meet us in front of the theater at 7 o'clock.


A:First of all, you do as the boss requests. Secondly, it is inconsiderate to arrive just as the curtain goes up.


A:That is exactly the point. If your seat happens to be in the middle of the row, you will have to climb over everyone else.


A:You might want to remain standing until those people turn up. Once the lights go down to signal that the show is beginning, take your seat.


A:Ushers generally will not seat people after the performance has begun until there is an appropriate break. Be courteous and stand to make it easier for them to get by.

C:谢谢你,Amy, 我们晚上见。



C:Amy, 你觉得今天的表演怎么样?

A:The play is excellent, but I am having trouble seeing and hearing.


A:Well, the woman in front of me has on a big hat. I am having trouble seeing. She wasn't being thoughtful when she decided to wear that monstrosity.

C: 什么叫monstrosity?

A:The word relates to monster. I suppose she wanted to dress up, but she overdid it. And by the way, what were you thinking when you decided to dress casually?


A:Absolutely, the theater is a special event and people should dress up for the occasion. You should at least have worn a coat and tie.


A:This isn't the movies. It is a sign of respect to the actors and the other theater goers to look your best.


A:I wish you had asked me. Since you didn't, keep in mind that it is always better to dress up rather than dress down.