060 Dressing for Business


(Office ambience)

A:Hi, Chen Hao, you look especially nice today. Is that a new suit you are wearing?


A:Is there a special event or did you think it was time to upgrade your wardrobe because of your job promotion?


A:That was a smart move on your part. It is always good to imitate the way the highest level executives dress.


A:We Americans have a saying about business attire: "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."


A:That's right. You have the idea. Would you mind if I pointed out a few things you could do to improve your look even more?


A:I am short on time right now so could we talk over lunch?




C:Amy, 我们刚才说到职业着装。

A:You did a good job selecting the suit. That shade of gray is professional looking. Stick to grays, dark blues and charcoal. Blacks and browns are not good choices for a business suit.


A:I am concerned about the length of your pants. The tailor seems to have gotten them too short when he hemmed them.


A:Unfortunately, they just barely come to your ankles. The hem of your pants should rest on the top of your foot with a slight break.


A:It's your shoes.


A:They are a bit too casual for your suit. When you wear a business suit, your need a dressier shoe.


A:A lace-up shoe is the most conservative and coordinates well with traditional business attire.


A:One final word is to make sure that your shoes and your belt match.


A:The good news about that is that you only need a few pieces and when you buy suits and accessories that are top quality and conservative in style, they will last a long time.