20 Marlene, A Flamenco Dancer

Y: 各位听众好,我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hello, I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe.

Y: Jody, 你最近忙吗?

J: Pretty busy.

Y: 你在忙什么呢?

J: You know, work, spending time with my friends, oh don't forget about the tap dance.

Y: 没错。最近我忽然觉得业余时间应该学点什么,你觉得我学跳舞怎么样?

J: That's a great idea.  What type of dance?

Y: Flamenco!
 J: Flamenco!? Did you say Flamenco?! 

Y: 没错。你干吗那么吃惊,是不是觉得我学不会?

J:  I'm sure you can learn Flamenco. But Flamenco, F-l-a-m-e-n-c-o.  Flamenco comes from the Gypsies, you know. 
(Flamenco music)

Y:  吉普赛舞蹈。太好了。

J: Yes,  yes. And Flamenco is fiery!  Like the Gypsies!  And Flamenco, Yang Chen,  is full of passion and excitement!  

Y: 等一等,你冷静一下,不要这么激动。 不过仔细想一想也许你说的对,我可能真的不适合跳这种舞。我看我还是放弃吧。

J: I have an idea. Listen to what my friend Marlene has to say about Flamenco. Marlene, take it away:
Marlene: I'm Marlene English and this DC Dance Collective.  And I am a Flamenco Dancer. I take classes here at DC Dance. Flamenco is probably different from mostly anything that you ever see.  It is very, first, it's very  fast.  It's very loud.  It's very fiery.  The clothes alone are wonderful.  There are a lot of ruffles and colors and it's very exciting.

Y:  热情、浪漫、自由、奔放。我就向往这样的生活!   哎,这个Marlene学跳舞有多长时间了呢?

J: About six years now.  And she began studying Flamenco as an adult.  She started out in ballet as a  child but was deeply drawn to Flamenco when she saw it perform at the age 14. 

Y: 她为什么不在小时候就开始学呢?

J: Let's hear Marlene explain it.

Marlene: In this country, unfortunately, when I was younger it wasn't available.  We did not see much of it.  It wasn't very popular and it wasn't well known.   I saw it one time when I was 14.  And I loved it.  But at that time I was in ballet as most American girls are.  And I just always wanted to do it.  But I wasn't able to ever really find where to do it or how to come to it until I actually was an adult.

Y: 噢,原来她小时候Flamenco并不流行,所以她一开始学的是芭蕾,长大以后才有机会学习Flamenco。

J:  Let's listen to Marlene talk more about studying Flamenco:
Marlene: I have been dancing my entire life.  I came to Flamenco about 6 years ago.  And I have to tell it's one of the hardest things I've ever done.  It's a very difficult dance form.  It's physically  strenuous.  What hardest to learn, however, are the complicated rhythms.

Y:   听她这么一说,我倒真有点担心。Marlene都练了这么多年了,还说很难,她还说这种舞蹈的节奏很难掌握。这是什么意思呢?

J: Maybe the best way to explain is to play some Flamenco music.

(Enter Flamenco music)

Y:  现在我明白了这种音乐的节奏确实比别的音乐要快得多。我觉得我光听这个音乐我的膝盖都要软了。

J: Well nothing worthwhile is easy. Here is Marlene:

Marlene:  The challenge is hard but the rewards are wonderful.  It is something that is a complete release of passion.  You are so consumed by it that's it worth all of that. It's a wonderful reward for all the hard work. 

Y: Marlene说的没错。迎接挑战才能享受成功的快乐。这个大道理我是懂,不过如果要吃太多的苦我可要重新考虑考虑。

J: Wait, Yang Chen.  Before you say another word, listen to the advice Marlene gives you about Flamenco:
Marlene: If  you are interested in trying out Flamenco and doing it, it's great fun. There are great challenges but it is so fun and so rewarding.  Don't let it scare you, even if you're older and you haven't danced.  Do it anyway.  Let your soul be free!

Y: Marlene说得太好了。Flamenco。

J: No, Yang Chen, say it louder!


J:Flamenco! Repeat after me.

J & Y: Flamenco!!!

 Y: 请你给我的灵魂装上翅膀,让我自由地飞翔吧!

J:  Way to go, my Gypsy Soul Sister!

Y: 哎, Jody, 我怎么受了你的影响,也变得疯疯颠颠了。

J:No more talking, it's time to dance.  Thank you for joining us on American Cafe!