79:down with that; to pay through the nose

今天Michael和李华要出去买东西。李华会学到两个常用语:down with that和to pay through the nose。

M: Hey, Li Hua. What do you want to do today? I don't have any special plan, so we can do whatever you want.

L: 你今天没事干呀?太好了,我正想去买几件春天穿的衣服。那些旧的都已经过时了。

M: I'm down with that. I need to buy some new tennis shoes. My old ones are really gross. My roommate is threatening to throw them out.

L: 我也注意到你的球鞋了,实在不象话,怪不得你的室友要把它扔掉呢。哎,那太好了,咱们就一块儿去买东西吧。不过,Michael,你刚才说I'm down with that。那是什么意思呀?就是你愿意去的意思吗?

M: Yes, the expression "I'm down with that" means going shopping is okay with me and I'm willing to go.

L: 这很有意思。那要是你问我,要不要跟你一块儿吃晚饭,我很愿意的话,我能不能说:I'm down with that?

M: Yes, that would let me know that you are willing to have dinner with me. What would you say if I suggested we go to my friend's party on Saturday night.

L: 你建议我们星期六晚上上你朋友家去聚会啊。嗯,那一定很好玩,我愿意去,I'm down with that。

M: Right. Now, where do you want to go shopping? There are lots of places close by.

L: 去哪儿买东西呀?学校附近有很多买东西的地方。去附近那个购物中心,好不好?

M: Okay, that's fine with me. That mall has a shoe store and it's close. Let's go.

L: Okay, I'm down with that. 我们可以搭公共汽车去,几分钟就到了。然后我们有一整天去买我们要买的东西。还可以在购物中心吃饭呢!

M: Okay, I'm down with that.


L: 哎,Michael,这家店看起来真好。我们能不能进去看看呀?我肯定他们有很好的衣服。

M: That's Neiman-Marcus. They have nice stuff, but they're really, really expensive. You have to pay through the nose to buy even a shirt there.

L: 我也猜想它们的衣服一定很贵。你说要在他们这里买件衬衣就要pay through the nose? 东西贵和鼻子有什么关系呀?

M: To pay through the nose is to pay a lot of money for something, usually way more than the item is worth. For instance, a shirt in a normal store costs about $40. However, a shirt in Neiman-Marcus easily costs !00. That's paying through the nose.

L: 我懂了。To pay through the nose就是用高价买一样东西,往往要比原来的价值高很多。像普通店里一件衬衣要40美元,在他们这里就要200美元。可是,Michael, 我还是不懂,一个人的鼻子和钱有什么关系呀?

M: Yeah, it is a strange expression, but that's the way it is. Do you still want to go into that store?

L: 不要,不要,我不进去了。我只是个学生,没那么多钱,I can't afford to pay through the nose for things. 我啊,付不起这么高的价钱。

M: I agree. I don't want to pay through the nose for anything either. It's stupid to waste so much money on something you can buy cheaper somewhere else.

L: 就是呀,能够用便宜的价钱买到的东西为什么要浪费那么多钱去买呢?对了,Michael, 那什么时候我们还可以用to pay through the nose这个说法的呢?

M: Well, some people are willing to pay through the nose to buy tickets to see their favorite singers.

L: 噢,花好多钱买票去听他们喜欢的歌手唱歌。我就有几个朋友爱买名牌的东西。她们就愿意pay through the nose。

M: I don't understand paying through the nose to eat at fancy restaurants either. Food is food. Li Hua, I'm getting hungry. Can we go eat first?

L: I'm down with that. 我也有点饿了。但是,I don't want to pay through the nose.

李华今天学到了两个常用语。一个是:down with that, 意思是"同意",或者是"愿意"。另一个是:to pay through the nose, 意思是"出高价买东西"。

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