137 workaholic; nutty


LL: I'm really worried about Bob. He seems as though he has turned into a real workaholic.

LH: 你很担心Bob,因为他成了workaholic. Workaholic, 那是什么意思?是不是Bob生病了?

LL: No, Bob doesn't have a disease. He's a workaholic. A workaholic is someone who works all of the time and never takes time for anything else.

LH: 啊,我懂你的意思了。Workaholic是指一个人工作过度,从来不休息。就是"工作狂"的意思嘛!Bob天天加班,怪不得他看起来总是那么累。这样对身体很不好呢!

LL: No, it's not. Workaholics often get stress-related problems such as high blood pressure or ulcers.

LH: 就是,高血压和溃疡都是一些工作过度的人常有的毛病。我爸爸就是个工作狂。我小的时候很少见到他,因为他总是在办公室里加班。结果在我10岁的时候,他得了溃疡,医生要他立刻减少工作量。

LL: That's a shame, but it's actually pretty common. I've known a few workaholics, too.

LH: 现代人工作忙碌,变成工作狂是很常见的。哎,Larry也许我们应该和Bob谈谈,让他知道我们很担心他。

LL: I don't know how he'll respond to that. Maybe it would be better if we just pressured him to hang out with us and relax more.

LH: 这倒是个好主意,让他和我们一起出去玩,一定可以放松心情的! 要不这样吧!我们可以邀请Bob下星期到我家玩,顺便看看我的小雪球!

LL: I don't know if meeting your crazy cat is going to help prevent Bob from becoming a workaholic, but at least it will get him out of the office for a while.

LH: 嘿!我的小雪球才不疯呢!她只不过是只小猫咪,爱玩而已嘛!


LL: Well, did the vet officially diagnose your cat as being totally nutty?

LH: Nutty? 那是什么意思。你该不是在说我的小雪球有什么行为方面的问题吧?

LL: You could say that. Nutty means crazy.

LH: 所以nutty就是疯疯颠颠的意思。哎,我跟你说过了,小雪球不疯。她只是比较好动。

LL: Did the vet agree with you?

LH: 当然喽!兽医还说,小雪球既不疯,也没有心理问题。她只是一只小猫,所以特别需要别人注意她。兽医还说我应该经常陪小雪球玩。

LL: Oh, I see, she's so nutty because she has too much extra energy. If we play with her and tire her out, she'll be calmer.

LH: 没错,只要我们多陪陪她,消耗她的体力,她就不会精力旺盛地动来动去。所以我打算用绳子做一些小玩具,每天至少陪她玩15分钟。

LL: Hey, that actually sounds fun. Can I help?

LH: 当然喽!但是你得先答应我,不可以再叫她是个小疯子,或是nutty了。这样我才让你和她玩。可以吗?

LL: All right, I won't make fun of your nutty cat anymore.

LH: Larry! 你怎么又这么说她啊!

LL: I'm just kidding. I think it's funny that you get so offended when I call Snowball nutty.

LH: 我当然要生气咯!小雪球是只很乖的小猫。我真的很喜欢她。所以你不可以这样嘲笑她。

LL: Okay, I won't. Let's take her home and play with her now. I'm sure she doesn't want to stay here any longer.

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