018 Baseball - Three strikes, you are out

P: Hey Yang Chen, could you please give me our baseball tickets? The attendant needs to see them.

Y: Tickets? Yeah, no problem. Let me see - ummmmmmmmmmm

P: What? What's the problem?

Y: I didn't bring them. But I can show my ID!

P: Isn't this the third time you've forgotten to bring tickets to the game? You know what? You aren't allowed to be in charge of bringing the tickets anymore.

Y: 三次?Please give me another chance - it makes me feel so important!

P: Enough. That's three strikes, Yang Chen. You're out!

Y: I don't understand, Patrick - 你说什么Three strikes, you're out!我不懂。

P: How many baseball games do I need to take you to? In baseball, a strike S-T-R-I-K-E is when the pitcher throws the ball on the target to the batter and the batter either swings and misses the ball or lets the ball pass him. The umpire - U-M-P-I-R-E yells, strike! Or more like,'streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!'


P: That's because you are at the snack bar all the time during the games.

Y: Well, 那这个"Three strikes, you're out! "到底和我有什么关系?

P: We have the general saying 'three strikes and you're out' in American English to express when someone still hasn't corrected a problem after three failed chances. When they're 'out' it usually means that they no longer have the opportunity.

Y:其实我知道Three strikes, you're out! 就是棒球里的"三振出局," 如果一个人同样的错误犯三次,我们就说:

P: Three strikes, you're out!

Y :Three strikes, you're out!