243 a really bad day 1


Harry: Oh man...it's really not my day!

Cindy: Having a bad hair day?

H: You have no idea! I woke up late because I didn't hear my alarm...then I realized I'd forgotten to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners.

C: So you rushed out of the apartment to go grab your suit and ...?

H: I closed the door without taking my keys!

C: So you're locked out of your apartment?

H: Yep...but that was only the beginning of my troubles.

C: Tell me more.

Harry这天特别倒霉。It's not his day. 或者也可以说 He's having a bad hair day. 意思都是说这天真倒霉,干什么都不顺。早上闹钟没听见,起床晚了不说,急着出门去取干洗的西装,一着急,忘了带钥匙。He locked himself out of his apartment. 这里说的 dry cleaners 意思是干洗店。而这还只是个开头。我们接着听。

H: Well...I was still running late for work so I hailed a cab. I got here 45 minutes late and had no choice but to wear this T-shirt and jeans. The boss gave me a funny look when I came in...so who knows? Maybe I'll get fired today as well!

C: You poor thing! You really are having a bad day!

H: But it gets worse! As soon as I sat down at my desk, I noticed my wallet was missing!

C: No way!

H: Yep...it's gone.

C: Did you leave it in the taxi?

H: That's what I first assumed...but that doesn't make sense because I paid the cabby with money from my wallet.

Harry出门打车上班,打车可以用动词 hail. He hailed a cab. 结果穿着T恤衫和牛仔裤就跑来了,而且还迟到了45分钟。The boss game me a funny look. Harry不巧被老板撞到,老板用很奇怪的眼光看了看他,而这还不是最糟糕的。It gets worse. 更糟糕的还在后面呢!刚坐稳当,Harry就发现钱包不见了。Cindy问他是不是落在出租车上了。Harry说不可能,因为他下车付钱的时候钱包还在呢。那会丢在哪里了呢?

C: So you simply misplaced it?

H: Nope. Just as I was walking from the cab to the front door of our office building, a guy bumped into me.

C: Oh no! You got hit by a pickpocket!

H: Yep. After I put two and two together I realized that was exactly what happened. He bumped up against me so I wouldn't notice he stole my wallet.  

Cindy问Harry是不是把钱包随手放在什么地方,所以才找不到的,misplace is spelled m-i-s-p-l-a-c-e, misplace 是放错地方的意思。

Harry说,进公司的时候 A guy bumped into him.有个人撞在了他的身上。After I put two and two together 把丢钱包和被人撞这两件事情联系起来,Harry恍然大悟,钱包是被扒手pickpocket偷走了。Harry没带钥匙,又丢了钱包,这一天要怎么过呢?我们下次继续听。