218: Attending a Black-Tie Event 2


J: Have you ever been to a black-tie event?

G: Twice actually....and to be honest, it was a bit boring both times.

J: Aside from the tuxedo is there anything else I need to wear or take with me?

G: I suggest keeping all other accessories to a minimum.

J: I see. Any other tips or suggestions?

G: Keep your eyes open and just sort of do what everybody else does. And...don't get drunk or talk too loud or draw any attention to yourself!

J: Okay, good points.
Gary说,自己参加过两次这种要穿礼服打领结的 black-tie event, 觉得很无聊。他建议Jim, 最好 keep all other accessories to a minimum尽量少带装饰品,accessory is spelled a-c-c-e-s-s-o-r-y, accessory 是指手表、手袋等饰物,他还告诉Jim, 睁大眼睛看别人怎么做,特别要注意 don't get drunk 不要喝醉,don't talk too loud 说话声音不要太大,don't draw any attention to yourself 不要让别人注意到自己。

G: You and Henry are acting as representatives of the company so you're kind of like ambassadors.

J: Wow. Now I'm really stressed!

G: It's not that hard. Just be a good conversationalist and even more importantly, be a good listener. If someone makes a humorous remark, chuckle mildly; even if the comment isn't very funny. And remember, always smile!

Gary说,Jim跟Henry这次去参加晚宴,代表的是公司,you're kind of like ambassadors. 是公司使节。Jim听后表示,压力很大,Now I'm really stressed. Gary告诉他说,其实这项任务也不难完成,他们只要会聊天 be a good conversationalist,做个好听众就行了,别人讲笑话,就算不好笑,也要chuckle跟着笑两声,脸上要随时随地保持笑容。

J: Can I rent the tux in New York?

G: Absolutely. Do some research before you go and find a good rental company. They will probably deliver it to your hotel. Make sure the tuxedo fits well....otherwise; you can end up looking pretty silly.

J: How much should I expect to pay to rent a tux?

G: I'd say roughly $100. You could probably find some cheaper options, but you want to look good.

J: Thanks Gary.... I really appreciate your help.

G: Not at all. It should be an interesting experience for you.

J: I hope so.

Jim想知道能不能到纽约去租tux, tux is spelled t-u-x, tux, tux是 tuxedo 的简称。Gary建议Jim事先查一下,找一家服务周到、能送货上门的租赁公司,They can deliver it to your hotel. 他们可以把燕尾服送到 Jim下榻的旅店。Gary还建议Jim一定要穿上试试看,otherwise, you can end up looking pretty silly. 否则如果不合适的话,那你看上去会很傻的。Gary最后还告诉Jim, 燕尾服的租金应该在100美元上下。