BP:多家公司对原油泄漏事故负有责任 BP: Multiple Companies to Blame for Gulf Oil Spill

08 September, 2010






British oil giant BP says multiple companies and work teams were responsible for the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

In an internal report released Wednesday, BP said the accident was the result of a complex series of mechanical failures, human judgments and engineering design.

The report indicates that a bad cement seal on the oil well allowed gas and other liquids to flow up the production pipe. Over a 40-minute period, the crew on the Transocean oil rig failed to notice the hydrocarbons rising to the surface.

Once at the surface, the gas and oil was diverted directly onto the oil rig, where it ignited and exploded.

Following the explosion and fire on the rig, the blow-out preventer on the sea bed should have automatically sealed the well, but it failed, resulting in the massive oil spill.