019C 婚礼: 高级课程

Professor: John got married to his wife Carmen a few months ago, and today he is meeting up with his friend Chuck to talk about his new married life.

John一定还沉浸在新婚的甜蜜中,肯定要向Chuck炫耀有老婆的幸福! 对吧,professor Bowman?

Professor: Uh ..... well, we will have to listen and find out.

Chuck: Man, John, I haven't seen you in forever! I can't even remember the last time we were able to get together.

John: Well, Chuck, you know I'm a married man now. Once you tie the knot, your weekends are spent doing housework and shopping for new kitchen appliances.

Chuck: That's why you've been too busy to hang out? Wow. Well you need to find some time, because the football playoffs are coming up and I want to watch it on your big TV!

John: (Sigh) Sunday is the day I have to go over to Carmen's parents' house to have dinner, so I don't think that's going to fly.


Professor: That's right. I can tell you that once you tie the knot, your life is never the same.

是啊,一旦tie the knot - 结了婚, 人生就进入新阶段了嘛。对了,professor, Chuck想星期天去John家看橄榄球比赛,可John说,this isn't going to fly,这是什么意思呢?

Professor: If you say something isn't going to fly, that means it isn't going to work or be successful. For example, I was really hoping to travel to Europe this summer. But I don't have the money, so that plan isn't going to fly.


Chuck: Well what else has been going on with you? Have you been following any of the same-sex marriage debate? I'm a big supporter.

John: Of course, I am too. I think every person should have the right to get married to whoever he loves, and then get nagged to death by that person for the rest of his life.

Chuck: Oh come on, John. It's a beautiful thing when two people love each other, and want to enjoy the rights of marriage together. All people should be equal, regardless of their sexual orientation.

John: I couldn't agree more! Gay men should have to endure married life just like the rest of us heterosexual men. It's unfair that they don't have to!

Chuck和John谈到same-sex marriage - 同性婚姻,他们俩都支持同性恋有权结婚,可是,John的理由怎么听着这么别扭!

Professor: Yes, I find it very interesting! Why do Chuck and John support gay marriage?

Chuck认为人人平等,所以都应该享有结婚的权利,不论他们的sexual orientation--性取向,是什么。

Professor: Exactly. But why does John support it?

John也说到了人人平等,可他的意思是, heterosexual men - 也就是像他这样的异性恋男人,要忍受婚姻生活的无奈,天天被老婆烦,所以,同性恋的人也该受同样的罪!

Professor: Right. What do you think about that, Winnie?


Professor: Of course not all men, Winnie. Just the married ones.

Chuck: Come on, John. I'm sure there are lots of great things about being married.

John: You're right, I'm exaggerating. Marriage is a very special bond, and it's really wonderful to have someone who I can always trust and rely on.

Chuck: Yeah, I guess you're right. Now if I can only find a woman who likes to watch football on Sundays, I think my life would be complete.

John: I'll ask Carmen if she has any friends who are cheerleaders.

你瞧,professor,男人并不是只会抱怨婚姻! John最后还是承认,结了婚,他就有了一个可以永远信赖和依靠的伴侣。

Professor: That's exactly right. And what is Chuck's view of the perfect woman?

Chuck说,如果他能找到一个和自己一样爱看橄榄球比赛的老婆,他的人生就美满啦! Professor, 你说一个beautiful cheerleader - 啦啦队美少女,能看上Chuck么?

Professor: Well, love works in mysterious ways!