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J: Hello everyone!  I'm Jody.  Welcome to American Cafe! 

Y: 我们今天要为您讲一个非常感人的故事。

J: It is a very moving story about two characters: Ann Jones, from Washington D.C. and her friend, Bella. 

Y: 里面的主人公一位是Ann Jones一位是Bella.

J: Now, I think it's important to tell people that Bella is a dolphin.

Y: 原来Bella是一只海豚。那Ann和Bella怎么会成为好朋友。

J: Well, it started about four years ago and recently Ann made a trip to see her old friend.  Now, it's my pleasure to introduce Ann Jones as she explains the purpose of this special reunion trip.   

ANNIE: I'm Ann Jones and I'm from Washington D.C. in the United States, the capital.  The purpose of the trip was to go back and swim again with a dolphin that helped save my life almost four years.  It was wonderful.  It was very emotional.  I cried a lot.  I don't know if dolphins cry or not but she was ... she was just so excited.     

Y: 四年前海豚Bella挽救了Ann的生命,所以Ann每次提到Bella都非常动感情。我想大家一定很想知道这到底是怎么一回事。

J: It's a wonderful story.  And it starts with the fact that a dolphin is very sensitive and can see everything in your body with their sonar. 

Y: 是吗?我听说过海豚都很聪明。可是我不知道它们还能用声纳来诊断一个人是否有病。这太神奇了!

J: And also when given a choice between a sick or well person, a dolphin will swim with a sick person.  Again here's Ann. 

ANNIE: The dolphin's very sensitive and, um, they can see everything in your body.  And they know if you're sick or if you're well.  And almost four years the one dolphin, Bella, swan with me all the time to let me know - she was protecting me - that I was sick.

Y: Jody,  那么说Bella选择在Ann的身边游泳。这就说明 Ann  的身体出了毛病,对不对?

J: That's right. 

Y: Ann在这之前有没有去看过医生呢?

J: Oh, of course.  For years she complained to her doctor about a pain in her chest.  And the doctor kept telling her to go home.

ANNIE: Before I went to swim with the dolphin, I went to a doctor and they told me I was well.  I kept telling them I had a pain in my chest.  And the doctor kept saying go home.  And this went on year after year. 

Y:  Wow, 真的很难相信。 这个医生一直坚持说Ann没有生病,叫她放心地回家去。

J: Can you believe it?  That's why Ann turned to the dolphins.  When she came back from swimming with Bella on the first trip, she immediately had - what she calls a medical miracle - a body scan.

Y: Body scan就是全身扫描。那通过这种全身扫描发现了什么问题呢?

J: The body scan revealed that Ann had a cancerous tumor in her lung the size of an egg. 

ANNIE: And it was the dolphin that tried to tell me that something was wrong.  When I came back I had one of these new medical miracles called a body scan and there was this tumor, large as an egg, sitting in my lung.  And I would've died within possibly six months and Bella the dolphin helped save my life. 
Y: 这么说,Ann的第一个医生诊断失误,而Bella是对的。Ann确实有 病,而且是严重的肺癌。 我觉得海豚不仅可爱,聪明,而且非常有爱心,真可以说是人类的好朋友。这个故事最后的结局是什么?

J: Well, I think we should hear that straight from Ann. 

ANNIE: I'm doing great!  I've passed all my cancer tests and I go for tests every three months.  And I'm doing great.  And I think I may make it forever!  (laughter) So, that's it.  Thanks to Bella the dolphin!

J: Isn't that great!  Ann has passed all her cancer tests!  I'll tell you what, she is one tough cookie. 

Y: 没错,我真的是替Ann感到高兴。她是一位非常坚强的女性,而且这个故事不仅感人,还是一个happy ending! 

J: And don't forget, a big "Thank You!" goes out to Bella the dolphin.  And thanks to all of you for joining us on American Cafe!

Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。我们下次再见。

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