16 Biker Culture

Y: 个位听众好,我是杨陈。欢迎大家到美语咖啡屋。

J: Hello and welcome to American Cafe!  My name's Jody.  On a previous show we talked about Bike Week, a long vacation in Florida for people who love motorcycles. 

Y: 没错,我们曾经介绍过Bike Week就是摩托爱好者的一次大聚会。

J: Exactly. And people come from all over the world to come to Bike Week.

Y: 对,参加的人来自世界各地。他们的活动丰富多彩。哎,Jody,我觉得这些人已经形成了特殊的摩托车文化,你说对不对。

J: Oh, exactly.  There was way too much to cover in only five minutes.  So, we're back with our friends Gino and Terry, bikers and motorcycle salesman, to learn more about the traditions of the biker culture.

Gino: I've been riding for 32 years.  Uh I've been in the bike business for about 20 years ... me and my and partner Terry.  It's been something I've always enjoyed. 

Y: Gino说他玩摩托车的历史已经有32年了,然后他和Terry开业卖摩托车也已经有20年了。
J: Yeah, we talked in the store that he and Terry owned.  The store was full of motorcycle gear.

Y: 你说的motorcycle gear,是不是摩托车用品?

J:  Right, clothing and helmets, and of course the motorcycles. And Gino described a typical biker.  Yang Chen, we should tell everyone that in English "biker," B-I-KE-R", only refers to someone who rides a motorcycle.

Y: 我会骑自行车,我算不算biker?

J:  Oh, no, I don't think that counts, Yang Chen.

Y: 我好伤心。

J:  Try again next time. Here is Gino to tell us more about the biker culture,
Gino: They're basically just nice people.  They're  down-to-earth, hardworking... they'll do anything for anybody.  

Y: Gino说的down-to-earth我们可解释为很实在,很朴实,对不对?

J: 对了。

Y: 我听说这些摩托车爱好者之间有很多虽然不是明文规定,但是大家都要遵守的规则,是吗?
J: Exactly. Bikers live by an unwritten code of ethics. You know, they stick together and are very loyal to their friends, family and fellow bikers, even if they don't know them.

Y: 我想这就是为什么人们喜欢聚在一起,因为他们可以找到有共同爱好,可以信任的人。

J: That's such a good point.  That's why people join communities like the bikers -- to find that loyalty. Again here is Gino.

Gino: We all feel akin to each other.  You know you see someone broken down on the side of the road there's a biker you always stop to help (th)'em.  And traditionally when you see bikers, bikers always wave to each whether you know each other or not just to say hi.


J: OK,  Yang Chen, I'm going to give you a quick motorcycle quiz.

Y: 你要考我,好啊。

J: What do you think it means when a biker pats the top of his or her helmet?

Y: 如果一个骑摩托车的人拍一拍头盔是什么意思。让我想想。

J:  好。What do you think? 

Y:  我知道了。一定是他在提醒对面那个骑摩托车的人前面有一个卖冰激淋的店!

J:  Ice cream shop?  No, no, no.  But I know where you mind is.  What it means is to slow down if you are speeding because there is policeman up ahead.

Y:  真的?可见他们骑摩托车经常超速。

J:  I don't know.  But just in case.  Just in case they are speeding.  OK, here is another question, Yang Chen.  What motorcycle do you think bikers most love to ride?

Y: 这个我知道,一定是本田。

J:No, no, wrong answer. You failed the motorcycle quiz.

Y: 啊, 我又错了?

J: It's the Harley Davidson, a bike named after the two Americans who invented it.  Let's introduce Terry, Gino's business partner, as he shows us his pride and joy.
Terry: It's a 2003 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

Y: Wow!

J: Yeah.  Wow.

Y: 其实我根本不知道2003年Harley Davidson Fatboy是什么。听起来象一种汉堡包。

J: It does sound like a hamburger.  But here is Terry to tell us what it really is.

Terry and Jody:

Terry: It's the oldest American bike in existence. 
Jody: What's it like to ride it?
Terry: It's more fun that you could ever imagine.
Jody: I think so.
Terry: You have to ride one.  You ride one and you'll know what it's like.

(Enter music ZZ Top "La Grange")

Y: Terry说的没错。你要想知道骑摩托车的滋味,就必须亲身体验一下。好,我们今天的时间到了,谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋,我们下次再见。

J: See you next time on American Cafe.

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