65:to fork sth. over; get over sth.

今天Michael和李华在打台球。从Michael的谈话中,李华学到两个常用语: to fork something over和to get over something.

L: (sound of pool balls clicking) 嗨,别进去,别进去呀! 啊呀,我怎么又输了这关键的球呢!这下好了...

M: That's too bad, Li Hua. Looks like you owe me five dollars. Come on, fork it over!

L: 对,我们赌了五块钱,输了就给你,有什么了不起。可什么是fork it over?

M: To fork something over means to pay or give something, usually money. You lost a 5 dollar bet, so you need to fork over five dollars!

L: 噢,to fork it over原来就是付钱,或者给什么东西。Michael,你再举个例子,好不好?

M: Before I left China, I bought a lot of souvenirs. At the train station, a worker told me that my bags were too heavy, and I was made to pay a fine. I had to fork over 80 yuan, 八十块!

L: 行李太重就被罚了八十块人民币!可能是坑你是外国人吧!嗨,你本来就不该买那么多礼品。而且你买的都不是什么好东西,瞧那条石头雕的龙,真难看!

M: Hey, I forked over 350 yuan for that statue! Don't make fun of it!

L: You forked over 350 yuan for that thing? 出350块买那条龙呀?老天爷,Michael, 那玩意儿恐怕还不值50块人民币呢。

M: Well, anyway, you need to fork over my 5 dollars now, please.

L: 你那么着急要我给你五块钱干嘛?

M: Go over to the bar and get us some beers. My treat!

L: 要我拿那五块钱去买啤酒,还算你请客!Macheal, 你真好意思呐!


L: 我刚才怎么会又输给你呢,真是难以相信。真倒霉!

M: Please, Li Hua, its a game of pool. Get over it!

L: Get what? 你说什么?Get-over-it?

M: I said "get over it". To get over something means to stop feeling bad about something, to forget about something bad.

L: To get over it就是不要为了某件事老感到难受,要把它忘掉。你的意思是要我忘掉我输给你五块钱?

M: Well, you don't need to completely forget about losing -- but just don't let the fact that you lost bother you. Get over it!

L: 对,完全忘掉恐怕是不行,但是别老放在心里。 Michael, 我是跟你开玩笑的啦。不过,to get over it这个说法好像很有用,再给我举个例子吧。

M: My aunt's husband was killed in the Vietnam war. She never completely got over his death. She sometimes talks about him as if he were still alive.

L: 你姨夫在越南战争里被打死已经那么久了,你阿姨到现在有时还以为他还活着。我听了都感到难受,你别举这么伤心的例子好吗?

M: Ok, let me see -- when I was eight, I had a puppy. I really loved that dog! But the dog got sick, and never got over the illness.

L: 哟,你八岁时候养的小狗后来病死啦!Michael! 我最心痛这种小动物了,我都快要哭了。

M: Li Hua, please! Don't cry . That was years ago! Besides, it wasn't even your dog.

L: 说的也是,那么多年前的事了,而且也不是我的狗。可能我喝酒喝太多了。

M: Hey, you'd better finish that! I forked over five dollars for these beers!

今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:to fork it over, 意思是给什么东西,或付钱。另一个是:to get over it, 意思是忘掉不愉快的事情。

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