230 oodles; chuck


LL: Oh! I forgot about this closet. Whoa. There are oodles of things in here I don't need.

LH: Oodles? 你是说面条,noodles?

LL: No, no. Oodles and noodles may rhyme, but oodles means lots of something.

LH: 噢,oodles和noodles虽然押韵,但是oodles和面条毫无关系。Larry,你壁橱里怎么会有那么多东西呀? 看来今天我们要扔很多东西。That means there will be oodles of things to throw away!

LL: Yes, like the oodles of old tennis balls I'll never use again.

LH: 不只是网球,还有那么些旧杂志,你怎么会有这么多杂志呢?

LL: You know, Li Hua, those are magazines I have had since I was a kid. I would love to look through them, but we don't have oodles of time.

LH: 你小时候的杂志一直保留到现在, 难怪这么多。对了,你为什么说我们没有很多时间来收拾?我们今天还有别的事吗?

LL: Well, I arranged for a local charity to stop by at 5:00 and pick up the things I don't need. We've got oodles of work to do before they come, and time is running out.

LH: 原来你已经跟慈善机构约好下午五点钟来拉东西。你怎么不早说呢?我们赶快收拾吧。

LL: The problem is that I want to give them useful things. I know I have oodles of things to throw away, but I am not sure I'll have oodles of things to give to charity.

LH: 别担心,要我看,你的很多东西慈善机构都有用的。比如这些旧衣服和餐具,肯定会有人要的。

LL: Say, are you hungry? Why don't we make some lunch?

LH: 做午饭?做什么呀?你的冰箱都是空的,没有什么可吃的呀。

LL: I really need to go to the grocery store, but I DO have oodles of noodles.

LH: 你有好多面条,那我们就煮面条吧。

LL: I'm so glad you came by to help out, Li Hua. You've made cleaning my apartment oodles of fun!


LL: Okay, now that we've collected everything, I need to decide what I'm going to give to charity and what I'm going to chuck.

LH: Chuck? chuck又是什么意思?

LL: To chuck something is to throw it out.

LH: Oh, chuck就是扔掉。那我们把不要的东西分成两堆, 怎么样? 一堆捐献, 一堆扔掉。

LL: Okay, I am definitely going to chuck these old magazines.

LH: 这些旧杂志一定要扔掉,那这些毛衣呢? Do you want to chuck these sweaters?

LL: No, I don't want to chuck those. I will give those to charity.

LH: 你一下子扔掉这么多东西,以后不会后悔吗?要是你改变了主意怎么办?

LL: I don't think I'll change my mind, Li Hua. Most of the things I am chucking, I haven't used in months.

LH: 我想那些你好久没有用过的东西,扔了你也不会再想到它们。

LL: It just feels good to chuck a bunch of stuff you don't need. My apartment will be neater after we are done, and I'll have more room.

LH: 没错,东西扔了以后房间也会整齐一些,地方也会显得大一些Larry, 这个炒菜锅也要扔掉吗?

LL: Well, the handle came off, and I bought another one. So, I just thought I'd chuck it. Since the pan is broken, I didn't want to give it to charity.

LH: 锅子的把手掉了?让我看看。Larry,我喜欢这个炒菜锅。把它扔了还不如给我算了。 我可以修理。

LL: Li Hua. I'd be happy if you got some use out of it. Giving the pan to a friend is much better than just chucking it in the trash can.

LH: 谢谢你, Larry。 你没听说吗? 一个人的垃圾是另一个人的宝贝:"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是oodles, 意思是很多。还有一个是chuck, 意思是扔掉。
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