310 icy; warm up to

李华来公司找Larry,两人一起去吃午饭。今天我们要学两个常用语: icy和warmed up to.

LH: Larry, 今天上班忙吗?

LL: Well it has been alright all morning, but I am kind of nervous about this presentation I have to make this afternoon.

LH: 不就是做个演示吗,又不是第一次,你有什么好紧张的?

LL: The client who I am presenting to is somewhat icy towards me.

LH: Icy? 你是说那个客户对你特别冷淡?

LL: Yes, she is very cold and icy to me. I hope that I can impress her with my presentation.

LH: 别担心,有些人生性冷淡,可能并不是针对你。上学期跟我一起做项目的一个男生就特别icy.

LL: And...in what ways is he icy?

LH: 他从来不笑,就连他在脸谱网页上的照片都是一脸苦相,好象别人欠了他的钱。别人跟他说话,他就瞪着别人,没有一丝表情。

LL: That guy sounds like an icy character. How did you deal with having to work with him?

LH: 还好我们是一组人,不光我们两个。大家分配好工作,他用了一个周末,就把自己份内的事情做好了。

LL: That's good. He may have been icy, but he sure was efficient.

LH: 一个学期下来,他脸上总算有了笑容,but for a long time he was very icy towards us.

LL: Hopefully my presentation will get through to today's client.

LH: 肯定没问题。我发现,有些人对人冷淡,其实是因为他们自己不擅长社交。

LL: I hope you're right. The last thing I want to do is offend one of our clients.

LH: 你唯一能做的就是做好份内工作,对客户格外客气。这样,即使她对人冷淡,可能还是会对你有个好印象。

LL: Thanks, Li Hua, that is great advice. I am going to go now, wish me luck.

LH: 加油!



LH: 你今天下午的展示做得顺利吗?

LL: It went really well! I was nervous that the client would be icy towards me, but she seemed to really enjoy the presentation. I think she really warmed up to me.

LH: Warmed up to you? 你是说那个客户已经对你不再冷淡,开始喜欢你了吗?

LL: Yes, that is exactly right.

LH: 你觉得她逐渐对你热情起来,是因为你今天下午的表现吗?

LL: I don't know Li Hua. I hope so. I think it went really well. She really seemed to be enjoying it by the end. At first she seemed very icy, but when I was done she had warmed up and was smiling.

LH: 太好了!我就说过吧,她冷淡不是针对你。就象我们项目小组的那个男生,经过一个学期的合作,熟了以后就从冷淡变得热情了。

LL: Often when someone seems icy, it just takes a little time for them to warm up to you.

LH: 没错。那个客户对你的表现很满意,是不是说订单有戏了?

LL: I hope so. That would definitely make the executives warm up to the idea of me being on the team.

LH: 是啊,没准老板一高兴,还会给你涨工资呢!

LL: It's possible. Say, Li Hua, have you seen this show called "The Street"?

LH: 我特别喜欢看。What do you think?

LL: Well at first I didn't really like it, but after watching it a few times, I have warmed up to it.

LH: 这么说,不仅可以warm up to一个人,还可以warm up to一件事情喽?

LL: Yes Li Hua, because I gradually came to like the show, I warmed up to it. This is just like how the icy client warmed up to my presentation.

LH: 我明白了。那你开始的时候为什么会觉得这个剧没意思呢?

LL: When I first started watching it, I found the characters to be a little bit annoying, especially that one icy man. Over time, though, I have warmed up to them.

LH: 我同意,戏里面的一些角色是不太招人喜欢,可以剧本写得很棒,扣人心弦。

LL: The plots of the episodes are what caused me to warm up to the show.

LH: 你看,快八点了,今天是星期三,正好要播出一集新的。

LL: Let's watch it then!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 icy, 意思是冷若冰霜。另一个是warm up to, 意思是逐渐开始接受和喜欢。