033 ballet

P Yang Chen, I don't think we should go jogging today.

Y Why?

P Valentine's Day is coming up.

YC: Oh my gosh, 情人节要到了。 OK, 那你不想跑步要做什么?

P: To show my girlfriend my feminine and delicate side, I'm going to do a ballet dance for her.

Y 可是你穿着小短裙子, that's just too much.

P: I know, but I think it's cool. And besides, I don't care if I look different, so long as I'm not out of step when I dance.

YC: Out of step? You mean 跟不上节奏 ? 不过我倒是觉得 你没有 out of step ,you're out of your mind.

P: That's just your opinion. My girlfriend finds my ballet dancing romantic. You know, Yang Chen, you can use "out of step" in your daily life too.

For example, last year my girlfriend and I were really out of step when we were meeting for our date. She went to the restaurant, but I thought we were meeting at the movies.

Y: 你们两个人没有协调好行动。

哎,不知道你女朋友怎么想,反正我啊, Seeing you do ballet,破坏了我所有的浪漫情绪。

P: Well Yang Chen, at least you don't dance to other peoples' tunes.

Y: 这个我知道,就是"不用听别人指挥"的意思。

P: Right. For example I could say that my parents always wanted me to be a doctor, but I refused to dance to their tune.

Y: 你没做医生不是因为你不想dance to your parents' tune。

P: 那是为什么?

Y You are not smart enough.

P: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Y You are welcome. Happy valentine's Day!