Swimmer Eyes Competition, Fun at Special Olympics

July 21,2015

SAN DIEGO— Swimmer Betsy Cory of San Diego is one 6,500 athletes from around the world who will compete in Los Angeles in the Special Olympics World Games, which will start Saturday, July 25th.

She practices twice a week and has meets on Saturdays to get ready for the games. Betsy Cory has won a gold medal in national competitions, and faces her biggest challenge ever.

46-year-old Cory says swimming is a big part of her life.

“I've been swimming ever since I was the age of four-years-old," said Corey.

And she loves to be in the water.

“Because when I get in the water, I feel so good. It refreshes me on a hot day," she said.

The Special Olympics will feature 25 sports from aquatics to volleyball.Cory will compete in freestyle, backstroke and relay races in this summer's LA games.

Friends are rooting for her on her Facebook page and coach Kim Holt says Cory is focused.

“Just eating a lot healthier, and focusing on exercise and making that a very strong point in her life," said Holt.

People call Cory competitive, but she says that competition is just one goal of the games.

“We're there to have fun. It's also competition, but I think we're there to have a lot of fun and to meet new people," said Cory.

She's joining 6,500 athletes from 165 countries in the Special Olympics World Summer games.