113 You are fired 2

Tom Smith被叫到部门经理Paul Chen的办公室。

Tom: Good morning, Paul. How are you?

P: I'm well, thanks. Take a seat. This is Sue Krammer from the head office.

T: Hi, Sue.

S: Hi.

P: Tom, there's no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it. We are letting you go.

Paul开门见山,告诉Tom公司决定解雇他。在这种情况下,要说We are letting you go, 不能说you're fired。

T: Go where?

P: Um...we mean we are terminating your employment here.

T: You mean you're firing me?

P: Um...yes.

T: Wow! Mind telling me why?

P: We've warned you about some of your unacceptable behaviors several times now. Also, we feel you are underperforming or not up to the standards we demand here.

T: (Belligerent) Really? How so?

Tom显得很意外,气愤地质问道,Mind telling me why? 能告诉我为什么吗?Paul解释说,公司觉得you are underperforming。 Underperform, 意思是工作表现不佳,not up to the standards不符合要求。Tom 很不客气地让 Paul 举例,这时候 Sue 说话了。

S: If I might interject, here. Tom, your file says that last month you called up a client and chewed him out...without authorization. Tom, that is simply unacceptable.

P: You are frequently late and we've received more than a few complaints about your abrasive style with co-workers.

T: All right...but I have good explanations for all of that. You see......

S: I don't want to interrupt, Tom, but it's important that you understand that this decision comes down from the top. Paul and I are just the messengers. It would be best if you understood that this decision is final.

Tom上个月在电话里chewed a client out,痛骂客户。 Chew someone out,是严厉责骂的意思。此外,他上班还经常迟到,对同事态度粗鲁,he has an abrasive style with co-workers. Tom想争辩, Sue果断地说,这是上头的决定,the decision comes down from the top, and the decision is final,是不可改变的。

T: So I'm fired and that's that?

P: Yes, you are being let go. But we would be happy to help you in any way we can.

S: If you need a general reference letter we can provide one, but if they call and ask if you were fired we will have to tell the truth. That's the law.

P: We can offer a six week severance package if you accept your termination.

T: Fine. I'll pack up my stuff and be out of here by Wednesday.

S: Thanks for understanding, Tom. We wish you well.

P: Yeah. Please do email me if you have further questions.

Tom无可奈何地问,so I'm fired and that's that? 我就这么被开除了?回答当然是肯定的。公司愿意给他写例行推荐信,但如果用人单位打电话了解情况,公司也不能隐瞒他被解雇的事实。Tom同意在解聘书上签字,收拾东西走人pack up and be out of here。