020B 高中生活: 中级课程


Professor: That's right, Winnie. But don't you think it's strange that Heather needs help preparing to go to a party?


Heather: Wow Jeremy, I'm so excited to go to your party this weekend! I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun.

Jeremy: That's great. I'm really excited too. But I hope a lot of people don't crash the party. My house is only big enough for the people I invited.

Heather: That's really rude! But Jeremy, can I ask you a few questions about the party? You see, I've never been to a party before.

Jeremy: What? You've never been to a party before?

哦,原来Heather从来没参加过朋友的派对,所以才去问Jeremy应该作哪些准备。不过,Professor Bowman, Jeremy说,希望别人不要“crash the party”,难道他怕有人来捣乱么?

Professor: Winnie, you can say that someone "crashes" a party if he goes without being invited.

哦,crash a party就是未经邀请擅自闯进派对,做不速之客。Professor, 美国人都喜欢这么做么?

Professor: If it's a small party and everybody knows you weren't invited, crashing the party is rude. If it's a huge party and nobody notices ... well ...

Jeremy: What do you mean you've never been to a party? How is that possible?

Heather: Well .... I usually spend my weekends studying. So what time do you think the party will start? 6pm? 7pm?

Jeremy: Are you kidding? Parties don't start until late, like 10pm.

Heather: 10pm??? But my curfew is at 10pm.

Jeremy: Just make up an excuse. Tell your parents you're sleeping at a friend's house.

Jeremy真够可以的,抄别人作业,还让别人对父母撒谎! 他叫Heather编个理由骗父母,说她在朋友家住一晚,其实偷偷跑出来参加party!

Professor: Exactly. But Winnie, do you know what a "curfew" is?

curfew, 我猜就是“宵禁”,一到这个时间,就必须回家睡觉。

Professor: Right. So Heather says she is supposed to be home just when the party is starting.

Heather: Well Jeremy, what do you think I should wear? Should I wear something formal or casual?

Jeremy: Uh, Heather? We're in high school. I don't think anybody even has any formal clothes in their wardrobe.

Heather: Ok, so you think I should dress down? Should I wear jeans and a tee-shirt?

Jeremy: Yeah, definitely wear something casual. It's not going to be a very fancy party, so there's no reason to dress up.

Heather问Jeremy,应该穿得formal -“正式” ,还是 casual -“随意”,也就是说,是要dress up - 穿正装,还是dress down - 随便穿。

Professor: Exactly. And what does Jeremy say?

当然是随意穿了。他们还是高中生,在他们的wardrobe - 衣橱里,根本就没有什么正装!

Professor: Exactly. The word "wardrobe" can mean the collection of clothing belonging to one person. For example, "I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I gained 20 pounds over the winter."


Heather: Alright Jeremy, I think I'm ready. I promise you, I'm going to be the life of the party. I'll be there at 10pm.

Jeremy: Actually, there is one more thing I have to teach you. You have to be fashionably late.

Heather: What? You mean I should be late to the party?

Jeremy: That's right. You have to make people think you are so cool, and have so many other exciting things to do, that you couldn't be there on time.

Heather: Wow .... so the later I come, the more people think I am really cool?

Jeremy: Yeah. And if you really want to look cool, don't go to the party at all!

Jeremy教Heather,她在party时故意晚到,以显示自己的社交生活丰富而繁忙! 对了,professor, The life of the party is the most fun and exciting person there, who makes the party fun for everyone else.

哦,就是派对上的焦点人物! 啊...我估计Heather当不了这个life of the party!

Professor: Well, listen next time to find out!