45:packed; hype

今天Michael和李华二人到了纽约一个公园去看烟火,李华学到了两个新词:packed和 hype。

L: 我老天,这个公园可真挤,但愿我们能够找到个地方坐下。

M: Yeah, it's really packed today. I've never seen this many people here.

L: 你是怎么说的?你是说人好多吗?

M: Yes, I said the park is packed. That means it is crowded, there are a lot of people here.

L: 噢,我懂了,你说的 packed,P-A-C-K-E-D 这个字,就是通常你 说打包的pack那个字吧?

M: That's right. Here we say "be packed" to show that a place is full of people, just like a box packed full of stuff.

L: 我想我懂了,那中国人口很多,我是不是可以说China is packed?

M: No, that's not really right: China has a lot of people, but China is also a very big place. We usually use packed to describe a small place full of people.

L: 嗯,原来如此,好像在中国春节期间,每班火车都挤的满满的, 那我就可以说:在春节前那个星期the trains are packed,对不对?

M: That's right. Around Spring Festival, the buses are packed as well, right?

L: 那当然了,事实上,中国的公共汽车永远都是挤的满满的, 很 难找到个座位,至少在各个大都市都是这样。

M: So, in China what other kinds of places might be packed with people?

L: Well,我记得我去看[泰坦尼克号]那部电影时,电影院是挤的很 满,好像每个人都要看哪部电影似的。

M: Ewww. I don't really understand why people liked that movie so much. I thought it was boring.

L: 管它是啥原因,Michael,反正中国各地的电影院总是很挤就 是了。

M: Hey, the show is starting.

L: 哎,Michael,你觉得今天的烟火如何?

M: Well I guess they were ok, but I was hoping they would be better.

L: 你觉得还可以更好一些?可是我觉得已经很好了。

M: But there was so much hype about this show! Every newspaper said it was going to be the greatest fireworks display in New York history!

L: 你说太多什么?你说这次烟火怎么了?

M: I said there was a lot of hype, H-Y-P-E. Hype means a lot of excitement or praise about something that you might hear about before you see it.

L: Oh,所以hype就是指大家总是把一件事说的比实际情况还要好。 对不对?

M: Yeah, that's right. For instance, there was a lot of hype about Titanic, but I don't think it was as good as the hype said it would be.

L: Hmm,你说the hype about Titanic,因此我们就应该说 there is hype about something,对不对?

M: That's right. For example, I remember hearing a lot of hype about the Forbidden City in Beijing, but I didn't think it was very interesting.

L: 你说什么?你居然说北京故宫不好,那可是中国保存历史古迹的 一颗 明珠哎。

M: I didn't say it wasn't important to Chinese history. I just didn't think it was very fun to visit, at least not as fun as all the hype said it would be.

L: Michael,谁管你怎么想的呢。哎,你说报上对今天的烟火作了很 多宣传,到底是怎么说的呢?

M: Well, the newspapers said it was going to be larger and more exciting than anything ever shown in the city before. But really I think that was just hype. This year wasn't much different from last year.

L: Michael,要是你总是听人宣传的话,你一定会失望的。

M: I guess you are right.

今天Michael 和李华到纽约一个公园去看烟火, Michael说这个公园是packed,也就是十分拥挤的意思。另外Michael也不是太喜欢这次的烟火表演,因为他说报纸作了过多的渲染,也就是hype这个词的含义。

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