236 Dullsville and Coolsville


LL: Wow, Li Hua, that movie was totally dullsville. I can't believe we stayed and watched the whole thing.

LH: Dullsville? 这个电影的确没意思,It WAS really boring, 可是你为什么不说boring而是说Dullsville?

LL: Well, you know, Li Hua, many small towns in America end in "ville."

LH: 是啊,美国的许多小城镇都叫什么什么"ville" ,比如Coopersville and Andersonville.

LL: So, when I said the movie was "dullsville," I was suggesting the movie was so boring, it was like living in the town of dull.

LH: 我知道了, "dullsville"的意思是说,电影很没意思,就像是住在一个很枯燥的地方。

LL: Right. And that movie was totally dullsville, especially for a comedy. I don't think I even laughed once.

LH: 真的啊?你看这部喜剧片的时候一次都没有笑?不会吧。这部电影不是很好,可也没那么差。Larry,我们学校的一些教授,他们讲课才是真正的dullsville.

LL: Yeah, I remember back in college being in some really dullsville classes. Sometimes they were so boring I'd fall asleep.

LH: 不光是你,不少学生都会因为教授讲课乏味而打瞌睡。Larry,你上班的时候打瞌睡吗?Is your work dullsville?

LL: No, actually we've been very busy with several important projects. There are times I wish it WAS dullsville at work.

LH: 要完成好几个重要的项目,哪当然有功夫打瞌睡了。我教中文倒是蛮有意思,可是周末就很无聊。My weekends are dullsville.

LL: I know what you mean. My weekends have been dullsville, too. I usually clean my apartment, go grocery shopping, and maybe wash my car. Not too exciting.

LH: 我也是,周末就是打扫房间,买吃的、洗车、真单调。Larry,我们得想点什么有趣的事,改善一下周末的生活。

LL: Hmmm。Let me think of how we can get out of dullsville.


LL: I've got it, Li Hua! We'll go to an amusement park next weekend. There is one not too far away that is totally coolsville!

LH: 我们下个周末去游乐园?好啊。那这次你就不用解释了,我知道Coolsville的意思就是说那个地方一切都很棒,很有意思。对不对?

LL: That's right. And this amusement park really is coolsville. We won't be bored there.

LH: 那这个游乐园里有什么特别好玩的呢?

LL: The park has three huge roller coasters. One of them goes upside down! Now that ride is coolsville.

LH: 游乐园里有三个过山车, 还有一个是头朝下的。可我不喜欢坐过山车,the ride doesn't sound so coolsville to me.

LL: You don't like roller coasters? Well, what do you think is coolsville, Li Hua?

LH: 我觉得自然博物馆很有意思。

LL: Really? Why do you think the natural history museum is coolsville? I guess I think it is more like dullsville.

LH: 自然博物馆怎么会令人厌倦呢? 你看过那里的恐龙化石吗?多有意思啊。

LL: Well, now that you mention it, my little seven-year old cousin Amy thinks dinosaurs are coolsville, too.

LH: 你七岁的表妹Amy也喜欢恐龙化石?那下个周末,你去游乐园,我带Amy去自然博物馆,怎么样?

LL: That would be coolsville! What a great idea.

LH: 你去享受过山车,我们去观赏恐龙化石。两全齐美,Everything will be coolsville.

LL: Except for one thing.

LH: 除了一件事以外?什么事?

LL: Wouldn't it be more coolsville if we could do something together?

LH: 你说的对,两个人一起才有意思。那我跟你去游乐园,以后我们再去自然博物馆。

LL: Coolsville.

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