251 snarf; power nap

Larry告诉李华说,他正在给公司做一个大项目,忙得连饭都没时间吃。李华今天要学两个常用语,snarf和power nap.

LL: I've been so busy with this project, Li Hua, I've hardly had any time to eat. Today I just snarfed down a sandwich at lunch, and I haven't eaten anything since.

LH: 你只吃了个三明治?snarf也是吃的意思吗?

LL: Snarf is another word for eat, Li Hua, but when you snarf something you eat it really quickly in a very short amount of time.

LH: 噢,snarf是狼吞虎咽的意思。你是因为要赶项目,没时间吃饭,所以才匆忙地吃了个三明治。

LL: Yeah. And when I snarfed down the sandwich, I didn't really enjoy it. I ate it so fast I didn't even really taste it.

LH: 有时候我赶着写论文或是判作业,没时间吃饭,也会凑合着只吃几口炒饭填饱肚子。

LL: You know, since I haven't had anything to eat since I snarfed down that sandwich, I am feeling hungry again.

LH: Larry, 我这儿有盒饼干,你先吃几块,来垫垫肚子罗。

LL: Thanks, Li Hua. That is really nice. But I'm so hungry, I'm afraid I'd snarf up your entire box of cookies.

LH: 都吃了也不要紧,我不在乎这盒饼干,不过光吃饼干可没什么营养。

LL: You are right, Li Hua. I really shouldn't snarf up all these cookies.

LH: 不如今天晚上咱们找个餐馆,好好补一补,最近我一直在赶论文,也是忙得不可开交。

LL: I'd love to, Li Hua. But, honestly, I don't have enough time to go out with you for a nice relaxing dinner. The deadline for the project is tomorrow, and I have just enough time to snarf down something before I go back to work.

LH: 既然明天就是最后期限,你没时间正经吃饭,那就更不能光啃饼干了,而是应该吃点儿有营养的。这样才能补充能量。

LL: Okay, I do have time to go to a fast food place.

LH: 拐角处就有一家面条店,保证你二十分钟就能回去上班。

LL: And snarfing down a bowl of noodles does sound better than snarfing down a box of cookies, Li Hua.


LH: 这家店的面条还真好吃。

LL: Yeah, But now I'm feeling a little sleepy. I think I am going to need to take a power nap before I go back to work.

LH: A power nap? 我知道nap是午觉的意思,可power nap是什么意思啊?

LL: A power nap is a short nap, maybe only fifteen to twenty minutes in length that people take in the middle of their work day to give them more energy, more power!

LH: 噢,就是15分钟,20分钟,打个盹儿的意思。你知道吗,Larry, 在中国睡午觉是很普遍的。我们上学的时候中午都会睡上半个小时左右。

LL: Taking naps isn't as common in the U.S. as it is in China, but more and more Americans are taking power naps.

LH: 昨天晚上我看了一个节目,很有意思,里面说美国人现在越来越忙,晚上睡眠时间不够,所以白天需要take power naps,才能提高效率。

LL: Hey, I saw that report, too!

LH: 现在不少公司为了提高员工的工作效率,都在公司里设立专门供员工睡午觉的地方。

LL: I wish my company had places like that for us to take power naps at work.

LH: 你还记得吗,里面说有一家公司,给员工准备了鸡蛋形的午睡舱,还有舒缓的音乐,帮员工入睡。

LL: Yeah, I'd love to take a power nap in one of those.

LH: 但是打盹儿也要注意不能睡得太久。

LL: I guess that is true. If you end up sleeping too long, you can enter a deep sleep and wake up feeling drowsy and even sleepier than you did before you took you power nap.

LH: 好,到你公司了,你准备在哪儿小睡一会儿呢?

LL: Well, I think I will go back to work and take a power nap at my desk.

LH: Okay, Larry. 明天完成了手头的项目,给我打电话。

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是 snarf, 是狼吞虎咽的意思。另一个是 power nap, 是打盹儿的意思。
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