366 live under a rock...

李华的生日到了,Larry要给她个惊喜大礼。他们会用到两个常用语: live under a rock和jump on the bandwagon。

LH: Larry, 你说要给我生日大礼,是什么啊?

Larry: Keep your eyes closed! Are you peeking? OK, hold out your hand!

LH: 还要闭眼! 到底是什么啊?

Larry: Alright, you can open your eyes!

LH: (Gasp) 演唱会票! 你买了我特别想去的演唱会的票?!

Larry: That's right. (speaking with pride in his voice) You and I will be going to see -

LH: 不对! Larry, 这不是我想去的演唱会! 这是Lady Gaga的......谁是Lady Gaga啊?

Larry: What? You don't know Lady Gaga? She's the most famous pop singer in the world! Have you been living under a rock?

LH: 什么?你说我live under a rock...住在石头下面?

Larry: Ha..ha... What I'm saying is, everyone knows about Lady Gaga - she's in the news ALL the time, and her music is everywhere. If you haven't heard of her, well, you have no exposure to the world around you, like you're living under a rock!

LH: 哦,live under a rock就是与世隔绝的意思。不知道谁是Lady Gaga就是与世隔绝嘛?她有什么了不起。

Larry: But Lihua, I overheard you talking on the phone to your friend a few days ago, you said you wanted to go to that "really big" concert next week. If you weren't talking about the Lady Gaga concert, what concert were you talking about??

LH: Larry! 我看你才live under a rock! 周杰伦下礼拜要在大纽约开演唱会!

Larry: Who?

LH: 周杰伦! 他要来开演唱的会消息已经街知巷闻了,If you didn't know that, you must be living under a rock!

Larry: OK, Lihua. We've both been living under rocks. Look, I'm sure this singer is great, but think about all the fun we will have at the Lady Gaga concert!

LH: 可我不认识Lady Gaga呀!


Larry: Well, this would be the perfect time for you to get out from under your rock, and hop on the Lady Gaga bandwagon!

LH: A bandwagon? 那不是大花车么?你让我跳上Lady Gaga的大花车?

Larry: Haha, No, Lihua, a bandwagon isn't a real wagon. Hopping on a bandwagon means you are joining a large amount of other people who all like something or are doing something. What I mean is, you should start listening to Lady Gaga, or in other words, hop on her bandwagon.

LH: 原来,hop on the bandwagon就是随大流,赶时髦。你是说让我和大家一样成为Lady Gaga的粉丝?好吧。反正去不了周董的演唱会。 我就去见识一下这个Lady Gaga。

Larry: I'm glad I can finally help lure you out from under your rock! Here, I have my mp3 player here with me. Have a listen.

LH: 好,给我听听。(停顿)诶?这首歌,好耳熟啊,我听过好多次,很好听,谁唱的?

Larry: Lady Gaga!

LH: 哦! 原来就是她啊! 那我知道了! Larry,你知道这意味着什么吗?

Larry: What, that you would really, really like to thank me for getting the tickets?

LH: 不对!这说明,I was never living under a rock after all! 我根本就不是与世隔绝! 我听过Lady Gaga的歌,也很喜欢! 所以,我不用去特意赶时髦,I'm already on her bandwagon!

Larry: Well, that's good news...

LH: 不过Larry, You need to get out from under your rock! 你也不能再与世隔绝了! 你得了解一下中国的流行音乐!

Larry: But how can I do that here in the US?

LH: 周杰伦演唱会是去不成了,不过咱们可以去唱卡拉OK!

Larry: Karaoke ? You mean, I have to sing? In front of other people?? I think I'd rather stay living under my rock.

LH: 不要怕! 叫上我的中国朋友和咱们一起去,大家帮你练!

Larry: Good grief. How do I end up in these situations?

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是to live under a rock,表示“与世隔绝”。另一个是 jump on the bandwagon, 意思是“赶时髦”。